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Audio Injection

Droid artists are no stranger to Minneapolis, in 2007 The Particle People began a tradition with out even realizing the power of this collective.  Since then we have had return visits from Acid Circus, and Drumcell so make sure to come out and experience the next member of the Droid family…   Audio Injection

Audio Injection aka David Flores aka Broken Rules has been hooked on electronic music since his introduction to the culture in the early 90’s. By age 15 he was DJing at clubs and undergrounds around Southern California mixing all varieties of techno, house, and hardcore techno.

His career as a DJ eventually moved to music production and David’s early releases were HardCore and Industrial Techno on labels such as Monoid, Industrial Strength, and Third Movement. Around the same time, he began a relationship with our friends at Droid Behavior. Since then David has been at working with the funky minimal side of techno as well and after a few collaborative releases, remixes and live sets with the Droid label head, Drumcell, David joined the resident roster of the infamous Interface warehouse series.

An amazing Discography that includes releases & remixes on labels Droid Rec, 4 Track, Tora x3,
Stimulus and others, Audio Injection continues to shape his own sound while releasing thumping minimal techno with a funky twist.

Join the boys from Loud and Clear at Black in the VIP Room on Saturday November 21st. To learn more visit and

Dave, it’s becoming a bit of a tradition with me to ask artists at least one question about their thoughts on Minneapolis.  This being your first time to Minneapolis , what are your expectations? Are Vidal, Vangelis and Moe saying good things about us? *wink *wink –

Well this will be my first time there and yes I’ve heard lot’s of good things from the other Droids, also from DJ Hyperactive! I don’t really know what to expect, but I hope the crowd digs my sound, and if all goes well, go back and play more shows!

Tell us a little bit about your two alias’s…  Who is Broken Rules and Who is Audio Injection?

Broken Rules is my alias for the harder projects, which include hardtechno and industrial/hardcore, I’ve released a lot under that name and still do this day, I work with Lenny Dee, owner of Industrial Strength records…..I grew up listening to the harder stuff as well and it always had a place in my heart. Also a great way to relieve stress hehe.

Audio Injection is the name I use for my techno/minimal projects, I started releasing under Audio Injection back in 2007, although I’ve had that name since 2002, but just didn’t release anything back then, it was more of a site name than producer name. Lately I’ve been focusing more on Audio Injection because I’ve always had love for techno since I was a kid and it just keeps growing more and more these days. I have a lot of remixes and projects coming up with Droid and other labels… these days I keep the two separate that way when you hear either name, you know what you’re going to get.

When I look at your discogs sites you seem to be a busy man.  What is it like being one man but two artists at the same time?

Yeah it’s pretty crazy haha! When I first started with the 2 different projects/alias I didn’t think it was going to be like it is now, I get remix opportunities all the time and labels asking for music which is good and keeps me super busy! Sometimes it’s hard when you’re working with 2 opposite genres, like the harder stuff with the more stripped down minimal stuff, but also you get ideas from both genres, and they end up working out.

Are you working on any new music projects that you would like us to keep an ear out for?

Yes definitely. Drumcell and I just finished a couple of remixes for Chris Liebings CLR label which should be out by the end of this year. We’re also working on putting out more Droid records, and also focusing on the Droid digital label, which I have a release coming up soon with remixes from Monoloc, Miro Pajic, Acid Circus, & Rene Walther. I’ve also been really busy working on remixes by myself, and also working with Drumcell on another Droid record.

How is it… being part of a scene like in LA?  At the moment it really seems to be a great place for Techno. Does this seem like an overnight explosion or a gradual change? How has Droid Behavior been a part of this movement?

Man it’s great! The techno scene is growing more and more here and it wasn’t an overnight thing, Droid has been working at this scene for years and they’ve put a ton of hard work and thrown lot’s of legendary parties, it’s really a great thing to be a part of. Just recently they did their 7 year anniversary of Interface, which had Chris Liebing, it was madness. Droid is definitely at the forefront of this movement in LA.

Another tradition in these interviews has to do with my own personal addiction to all things tech.  Tell us a little about your set up for DJ and for Production. Software, Gear, we love to hear all bout it!

My studio set up is pretty simple, I’m mostly software and plugins. I use FL studio for all my sequencing, then drop that into Cubase for editing and mixing. Sometimes I use Ableton live too, for laying down ideas when I’m not in my studio. I also have a couple of hardware compressors, just for some color, and a Roland JP8080 synth, for some cool twisted sounds. My DJ setup is also pretty simple, I switch between Traktor Pro and Ableton Live…..Traktor I use for more of a DJ set with NI Maschine as my controller, where as in Ableton I use as a DJ/Live set with the APC40, I cut parts of my own tracks and mix them with full tracks, as well as play other peoples music together, sort of like a live mashup.

Interview by Aaron Bliss



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