Girl Scouts Troop Earns Music Badge at IPR

(Blog Contribution: Kelsey Gryz)

Girl Scout Troop #55887 touring IPR.

IPR (Institute of Production & Recording) gave Girl Scout Troop #55887 the opportunity to earn their music badge by touring the school and learning what goes into making a professional song.

Along with touring the small class sizes, computer labs, and studios, the eight girl scouts were able to spend time with Tom Kastigar, staff member and engineer known at IPR as “TK,” in MasterMix A Studio. In the studio, TK showed them all of the industry-standard equipment and what it is like to record a song in an actual studio. The song of choice was “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift.

“In the performance area, the group “oohed” and “aahed” into the shiny gold microphone,” said Kelsey Gryz, admissions representative at IPR. “They split up into two groups and had the opportunity to sing- of course, just like T-Swift!  After three takes, they were asking to go solo!”

One of the girl scouts, Lyla Cook said, “It was such a great experience with my friends, and I would love to do it again!”

“Here in IPR Admissions, the best part about our job is meeting new, prospective students and sharing in their passion for the creative arts.  Giving tours of the unique and magnificent facility is an added bonus,” said Kelsey

The girls walked away with a once and a lifetime opportunity to record a song in a professional grade studio, a copy of their mixed recording, and yes…their music badge.