Music and Entertainment Business Students Produce Radio Spots for IPR

The students of EB195 – The Business & Production of Commercial Media class have been hard at work during winter quarter.

So far, we’ve written, recorded, edited and finished fourteen unique radio spots highlighting the best that IPR has to offer to entice new students into checking out our great school.

These 30-second radio spots were played for some of the program chairs in anticipation of them being used for actual IPR commercials. The feedback we received was so positive; I believe it bolstered the confidence of our entire class – and made us eager to go forward into other exciting projects.

"Scooter" Nelson
MEB Associate Chair “Scooter” Nelson and his students in the studio

This class has given the business students a rare chance to be down in the audio studios. If you’re in one of the other programs here at IPR, you might not realize that most of the Music and Entertainment Business students’ time in class is spent on the third floor. We rarely get to cross paths with the Audio Production and Engineering and Live Sound and Show students while actually in class.

We have all enjoyed working with the two Sound Design for Visual Media students in our class to mesh our talents into a great creative collaboration. It’s been exciting for me, as a Music and Entertainment Business student to be in the studio and see how everything is done. And it’s also been great to be an active participant by recording my own voice in the sound room. Even if I am a bit gun-shy and feel silly repeating the same words over and over, the chance to spread some wings I didn’t know I had has been a great feeling.

We are all looking forward to the rest of the class; we have a spot lined up for Micki’s, a great little general store in central Minnesota, and one for Bent Paddle Brewing. I know we’re all really excited to continue with our experiences under the guidance of Scooter Nelson – who really knows the ins and outs of the commercial business and effortlessly steers us all until we sound like the professionals I know we’re all working hard to be.

I can’t wait to finish this quarter and have a working demo reel of my own – even if I don’t pursue this line of work, it’s great to know that I have the experience to share with others.

Click here to hear the radio spots that Jenna and her classmates produced

Written by, Jenna Rowe
IPR MEB Student