IPR Business Communication and Networking Class Crosses Global Music Lines

The Global Student Music website did not exist January of 2017. Today it does. College students from around the world may submit music, listen to music others have submitted, learn about the artist’s involved, and connect with one another.  The future in this industry is dependent upon Communication and Networking and this page is one solution to open the lines of communication and nurture a global line of communication.

Global Student Music is the final outcome of the Business Communication and Networking class. This project started off as a college collaboration idea to make a CD with ten songs, 5 songs from IPR College of Creative Arts, and 5 songs from an international school. The somewhat outdated technology of a CD quickly morphed into a digital solution; we came up with the idea of having a website where anyone, anywhere would have access to it and its music. Jenna Anderson, Jacqueline Velez, and Jason Albert Smith, reached out to colleges around the world for this collaboration. Through multiple emails and despite language barriers, the three Music and Entertainment Business students succeeded in establishing a dialogue with several colleges outside of the United States. Through the continued diligence of these three students, and with the help of the contributing colleges, GlobalStudentMusic.com was founded.

Of course, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for MEB Associate Chair Scott “Scooter” Nelson who came up with the initial college collaboration project. We would also like to send a shoutout to MEB Chair Mitch Hare, who parachuted in with some timely ideas. Thank you to all who made this happen.

Campus Director Stacy Severson praised the effort, “I continue to be proud of and impressed by the work that IPR students are doing. It’s amazing to see the impact students are having on the industry, even before they graduate. Networking is important in any profession, but essential in the creative arts. It’s awesome to see networking expand globally by utilizing technology and creativity to connect with others around the globe. I’m excited to see where this project goes and where it takes IPR students and graduates.”

Anyone who is interested in submitting or showcasing their music can do so via GlobalStudentMusic.com.

Written by MEB Students, Jacqueline Valez and Jason Smith