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Lessig Half-Time Show: Young Minneapolis Media Contender Loses Multiple Organs

Minnesota’s collective bulb dims a bit in the wake of the MnIndy staff-trimming orgy.

“We are streamlining operations with a more centralized editorial system to support the entire news network as it grows,” Center for Independent Media president and CEO David S. Bennahum notes on the Minnesota Independent’s front page…three days after the Twin Cities Daily Planet revealed that the fledgling news powerhouse’s unabashedly liberal parent company had sacked two full-time reporters along with the former Minnesota Monitor‘s entire freelance staff.

While conjecture as to “why” abounds, what bugs me are the possible results: a weaker publication, diminished interest, and a commensurately less-informed public. Could the Indepdendent’s outstanding RNC coverage–easily the best in town of any media outlet anywhere–have happened with the newly downsized newsroom?

MnIndy, captures “lobbyists” pre-attrition: Where was everybody else?



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