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D.W.D.I. (Derek Would Do It)

ny smiles
By Laura Holt (IPR Alumni)
How do you begin to write about someone who significantly impacted your life without you even knowing it?  Well you begin with some deep thoughts of shared conversations had with him, teary eyes over conversations left unspoken, a smile and a laugh over crazy escapades, inside jokes, and comments dished out while enjoying a smoke.

You never really realize how much someone truly means to you until you no longer have a chance to tell him or her.  My great friend Derek “New York” Doyle tattooed my spirit in ways I can’t even explain.  From the first time I met him in Demo Production class a few years back to last Thursday when I said my final good bye, he always had a way of getting my attention.  He had a way of capturing everyone’s attention whether they liked it or not.  Derek’s brain was like a sponge that absorbed everything around it.  His mind was a weapon and his voice was a shield.  He may have spoke out of turn, talked inappropriately, and had no boundaries, but that what made him stand out.  Derek grabbed life by the horns and if you weren’t along for the ride, you better get the hell out of his way.  This guy could do anything and when he did it was never halfway done either.  He was an amazing writer, publicist, drummer, and actor.  Come to think of it there wasn’t much he was unable to accomplish once his mind was set on it.

One of my favorite quotes is by actor James Dean, “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”  Derek achieved that everyday.  His name was a synonym for fun.  There was never a dull moment being around him and that’s what I love about him.  He kept me on my toes.

I was reading up on some astrology about my Gemini friend and came across a website that nailed his characteristics down to a T.  Author Jill Phillips writes, “Geminis born June 6 are remarkable individuals and have a need to express themselves through artistry and words. They have unbounded curiosity and never tire of learning new things.”  She goes on to state, “June 6 individuals are psychological magnets, drawing to them the individuals best equipped to teach them what they need to learn about life.” “With so many artistic talents at their disposal, these people can easily make a place in some creative field.” “June 6 natives are dreamers. They often set goals for themselves that seem impossible, and yet on some level they seem able to hit their mark. They aspire toward a high level of spiritual perfection. “

Derek Doyle is a legend in my eyes and in many other eyes too.  I never understood until now how hard he struggled through life yet he never complained or let his illness hold him down.  He is one of the greats in my book and will always hold a huge piece of my heart forever!

There will be a BON VOYAGE party in Derek’s Irish honor on Wednesday, Nov 4 at Sneaky Pete’s downtown Minneapolis from 7pm until 2am.   All ages are welcome until 10pm after 10pm only 21+ allowed.  Bring a memory and have your party hat on to bid adieu in true Derek “NY” Doyle fashion.



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