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Catch Me If You Can – Keeping Up With The Music Biz

Today’s music and entertainment industry is a fast moving target for those looking to stay current with the latest developments.  The beauty of this state of flux and general upheaval is that opportunity abounds to experiment with innovative approaches and tactics.  Of course, before you can use a piece of information to your advantage you must first be made aware of it.  To aid in that goal I am happy to share some resources that may prove beneficial to those pursuing a career path in music and entertainment business.

  • Hypebot – Music. Technology. The New Music Business. Excellent and timely writing offering insightful perspective into the events shaping the industry
  • Qmuso – Digital Marketing, Digital Music News, Jobs, Music Making, Tech News
  • Billboard – Essential reporting and analysis nicely divided into easy to navigate categories.  Includes writing from the individual behind the now defunct, my former favorite source for this type of info
  • musicindustrynewswire – “is a unique online portal combing a wide variety of original content related to the music business and recording industry, both from the creation and business side and the retail and consumer side.”
  • musicbusinessblog – “Tips, commentary, and opinion on surviving the New Music Industry”
  • RIAA – The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is the trade group that represents the U.S. recording industry.
  • DigitalMusicNews – “is the premier news and information authority for music industry and technology executives”
  • musicindustryreport – “With all the hundreds of music websites that are online. This is the site that brings them all together for the reader that wants to stay in the loop.  The Music Industry Report brings the latest news, tips, and advice columns for the global music community.”
  • Knowthemusicbizis an online community and resource center for independent artists and musicians. Our goal is to help make available the information needed to build a sustainable career in the rapidly changing music industry.”  Extra points for including a blog in which John Doe, founder of the seminal Los Angeles punk group X, answers questions from community members.
  • @IPR_School on Twitter – Feel as though you are just too busy to keep up with the ever changing facets of the industry?  You need an aggregator, someone able to pull together the information you want and deliver it directly to you.  Alongside the tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials related to audio production and engineering which are available here you will also find breaking news and information from the music industry.  By searching the vastness of the online world for the most helpful bits of knowledge, from the above resources and many more, this feed is one way to stay current – a crucial component of choosing the tactics which will lead to success.

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