Steve Price

Steve PriceProduction, Logic Studio, ProTools

Within the audio community, there are professionals who are sought after for their musical abilities- Steve is one of those guys. In the music business since the late 80’s as a musician, songwriter, music promoter, engineer and producer, Steve is most noted for his band, Rex Daisy.

A Drake University graduate with a B.A. in Journalism – Mass Communication with an emphasis in commercial music production, he has recorded with a variety of labels including Geffen Records, and was privileged to have performed on the prestigious Austin City Limits TV program. More recent production credits include music for the film, “Dummy” (2003 Artisan Entertainment) and “The Osbournes” (2003 MTV). Currently, Steve is the head-recording engineer for Accompany Publishing. He is also the owner of Studio D3 as well as being a popular figure on the Minneapolis live scene.


  • BA, Journalism, Drake University

Honors & Awards

  • “Best Cover Band” Award, Minnesota Music Academy
  • “Bass Player of the Year” Nomination, Minnesota Music Academy

Client Highlights

  • A&M Studios (1995)
  • Accompany Publishing (2003 to present)
  • Artisan Entertainment (2003)
  • Austin City Limits (1999)
  • City Pages (2002)
  • Funkytown Studios (1992)
  • Gark Studios (1995)
  • Geffen Records (1996)
  • Grandmaster Studios (1996)
  • Media Loft (2002)
  • MTV (2003)
  • October Records (1996)
  • Pachyderm Records (1999)
  • Pravda Records (1997)
  • Rex Daisy (1990 to present)
  • SRO Productions (2004 to present)
  • TARGET Corporation (2006)
  • Terrarium Studios (2003)



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