Joe Sadowski

Instructor, Audio Production and Engineering, Ableton

Joe Sadowski

Motivated and constantly inspired, Joe “Avey” Sadowski has been making music since he was a child. He operates out of his native city of Minneapolis as a producer/composer, working to create sonic harmony in all genres.

A graduate of The Institute of Production and Recording, Joe credits the school as a place where his talents flourished. Joe lives for sound, “sleep tomorrow… now… another take” is often muttered at 2 am while in his studio working with artists. Driving for that brass ring through “Wah” guitars, horns, and eclectic drums, Joe goes above and beyond in his devotion to the music.  


Recent Work

  • Recorded Audio for Soundset the past three years
  • Recorded Audio for RSE20 concert at Target Center
  • Audio Engineer for Prof and Slug at the unveiling ceremony for the Minnesota Timberwolve’s new logo
  • Recorded six songs for Prof’s latest album