Dik Shopteau

Dik ShopteauEngineering, Production

Description of Your Background/Experience

Dik’s life in music began at age 16 as a founding member of the band Judd. As one of the more successful bands to emerge from the Midwest, Judd toured extensively for 10 years in the U.S. and Canada, recording in New York City, Miami, Atlanta, Toronto and Minneapolis. Dik shared stages with Tina Turner, Todd Rundgren, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Average White Band, Sammy Hagar, Buddy Miles and Ravi Shankar. Along the way, Judd became the “house band” for Swami Vishnu’s annual yoga retreats in the Bahamas and Montreal.

Dik moved to Maui after Judd disbanded to concentrate on jazz fusion and beautiful beaches. One year later, he got a call to join the Daisy Dillman Band where he again toured the country and recorded two albums for RCA. One of those albums was recorded at the famed Muscle Shoals Sound studio in Alabama.

In 1984, while still playing bass with many local artists, Dik decided to broaden his musical skills and move into production. It turned out to be a wise choice. As an engineer and producer he quickly became a cornerstone of the Minneapolis studio scene. From 1989-1999, he amassed a volume of credits as Chief Music Engineer at Cookhouse Recording Studios. Rock, R&B, country and gospel, radio and television post, sound design, jingles and on-location recording. In the year 2000 Dik built a full production recording studio in his home “GoDikGo Studio” continuing to service advertising and music clients, recording, composing and mixing.

Most recent projects in 2013 include:

  • Allman Brothers Band—Surround mix for “40th Anniversary Live DVD”
  • George Maurer—Theatrical recording and mix for “Empire Builder”
  • Scottie Miller—Live recording for the “Harriet Tubman House”
  • Costcutters Hair Salons—composition, voiceover and mixing Pawn America—recording and mixing and various others
  • Dik currently plays Bass with “The Tex Pistols Band”



  • Cleopatra, “Cleopatra” Warner Bros. UK
  • Shola Ama, “You’re The One I Love” Warner Bros. UK
  • Shola Ama, “In Return” Warner Bros. UK
  • No Mercy, “No Mercy” Arista/BMG
  • Benny Mardones, “Stand by Your Man” Curb
  • Nikita Germaine, “Sweet As It Comes” Motown
  • Infinity, “Will You Be My Baby” Arista UK
  • N-Tice, “All Day Everyday” Telstar
  • Mette Hartman, “Mette” EMI UK
  • M. Spivey KonKord
  • Raw Warner Bros
  • Bobby McFerrin, “Wizard of Oz on Ice” Soundtrack

Rock & Blues

  • Renee Austin , “Sweet Talk” Blind Pig
  • Shane Henry , “Deliverance” Shanachie
  • Melvin James MCA
  • The Dillman Band, “Lovin The Night” RCA
  • The Dillman Band, “Greenestreet” RCA
  • The Judd Group, “Rhythm & Space” ASI
  • The Judd Group, “Second Thoughts” ASI
  • The Revelators, “Blackie Fords Revenge” Leiber & Stoller
  • Kevin Bowe & The Okemah Prophets Corazong
  • The Rolling Blunder Revue Live Doin It
  • Mick Sterling & The Stud Brothers (LIVE)
  • Dugan McNeil Polygram
  • Steve McLoone Ultimasongs


  • Robert Robinsons MCC Gospel Choir
  • Minneapolis Gospel Sound, “Put A Handle on It”
  • Minneapolis Gospel Sound, “Straight from the Heart”
  • Excelsior Choir, “Ain’t No Rock”
  • Sara Renner, “Joy”
  • Mark Houser, “The Essence of Things Not Seen”


  • Traditional Methods, Interlock
  • Midwest Broadcast, “A Compilation of Twin Cities Hip Hop” Melophobic
  • Carnage, “Carnology” Melophobic
  • The Sweeps
  • Melophobic

New Age / Jazz / Country

  • The Remnants (multiple CD,s) BMW
  • George Maurer Solo Piano (multiple Cds)Pine Curtain
  • Northcoast , “4 Days In July” Andiamo
  • Minneapolis Workshop for Kids , “Sky Blue”
  • Baby Boom Bill Isles , “On the Threshold”
  • David Young, “So Many Things” Universe Music
  • David Young, “Renaissance Christmas” Universe Music
  • Holly Christie, “Poets & Prophets”
  • Island Dreams, “Lifescapes” Compass
  • Moore by 4 (Multiple Cds) MB4
  • Douglas Wood, “Deep Waters” Northsound


  • Electric Ladyland, NYC
  • Bearsville, NY
  • Greenstreet, NYC
  • Criteria, Miami
  • Muscle Shoals Sound, Alabama
  • Sound 80, Minneapolis
  • ASI, Minneapolis
  • Cookhouse, Minneapolis
  • Paisley Park, Minneapolis
  • Skyline, Toronto
  • The Sound Pit, Atlanta
  • EchoBay, New Hope
  • Metro Studios, Minneapolis
  • Rain Shadow Studios, Aspen, Colorado
  • Le Studio, Paris, France