Chris Osgood

Chris Osgood is part of the legendary Minneapolis Punk trio The Suicide Commandos, who formed in 1975 and went on to tour and record for Phonogram (North America), Phillips (Europe) Mercury Records (USA), Anthology Records (NYC), Rave Up Records (Europe), and are currently with Twin/Tone Records, Garage D’Or Records, iTunes Twin/Tone and iTunes Island DefJam UMG, and Words & Music Publishing, Nashville, TN.

Chris Osgood / The Suicide Commandos at First Avenue

Chris was in-house Producer for Twin/Tone Records 1984-1990. He produced albums by Soul Asylum, The Magnolias, Charlie Pickett, Tetes Noires, etc. and recorded tracks by the Jayhawks and other bands on the Twin/Tone roster.

Chris was named Rock Guitarist of the Year at the Minnesota Music Awards in 1989 and Minnesota Music’s Man of the Year in 1992. He was VP of Community Relations at McNally Smith College of Music and Executive Director of the McNally Smith College of Music Foundation 2008-2018. Chris served as Director of Artist Services at Springboard for the Arts from 1990-2008, where he traveled the Midwest and the United States helping creative people make a living. He currently also plays in the All-Star ensemble The Tonka Bay Roosters.

His company Vins de Campagne imports wine from SW France where he has an older home (ca. 1299) in the village of Castelfranc on the Lot River. Chris enjoys fly fishing in Wisconsin, Wyoming and France.

Chris teaches The Media Industry Landscape and other media related business curriculum at IPR.

Career Highlights

  • Guitar and vocals, Suicide Commandos
  • In-House Producer, Twin Tone Records
  • Minnesota Music Awards – Rock Guitarist of the Year, 1989
  • VP of Community Relations, McNally Smith College of Music, 1992
  • Executive Director, McNally Smith College of Music Foundation, 2008-2018
  • Director of Artist Services, Springboard for the Arts, 1990-2008,