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IPR Math Instructor Dives into the Publishing Business

Christy Perry

Christy Perry at a storytelling performance at the Fitzgerald Theater

What does an IPR math instructor do in her spare time? If you ask Christy Perry, the answer is, “Start up a publishing company.”

Christy already does freelance book layout, e-book conversion and website design for authors who self publish. So when one of her clients approached her about starting up a traditional press, it seemed like a natural extension.

“I ran some numbers, and I almost passed on the opportunity,” she says— speaking like a true math instructor. “The publishing industry is in real turmoil right now. But, here in the Twin Cities, we have so many new thriller, mystery and sci-fi writers who are captivating storytellers with fresh voices that readers have not yet heard.”

Like D. B. Moon. His first novel, “He’s Either Dead or in St. Paul,” is a 1920s-era supernatural gangster novel that begins with a train bombing and never lets up. He’s trying to break into a commercial fiction market where traditional publishers are being more selective about new writers, afraid to bet on anyone other than best-selling names.

Three Waters Publishing, LLC

“More than anything,” says Christy, “I love books.  So, I quit asking if it could work and began asking how to make it work. That’s why I started up Three Waters Publishing.”

To keep overhead low and ensure the company’s survival, Three Waters will focus on digital-first production using Adobe Creative Suite, the same software that is taught at IPR. All titles will be released first as e-books and produced on paper through print-on-demand (POD) technology. Instead of warehousing thousands of copies of each title, Three Waters will use POD to print books when they are ordered.

Moon is one of Three Water’s first signees. Also forthcoming are two books from local humorist Frederick Blanch. And Christy is in talks with another local author who has already had published three thriller novels and a book of short stories. She hopes to make an announcement soon.

Not to mention her own books. “Moonshine, Madness, and Murder” is a mystery set in her fictional hometown. In Quacker Holler, Tennessee, the monks make moonshine to support the school and one 75-year-old nun secretly self publishes redneck vampire nun erotica — until she is murdered.

Moonshine is in the production pipeline though Christy has placed her other authors’ books ahead of her own.

“If you pour out a cup of water on a certain hill in northern Minnesota,” says Christy, “one-third of it will flow into the Rainy River and ultimately into the Hudson Bay. Another third will run down into Lake Superior, out through the St. Lawrence Seaway, and feed into the Atlantic Ocean. The remainder will make its way to the Mississippi River, meander through the heart of America, and spill into the Gulf of Mexico. All three of these great bodies of water are born in Minnesota.

In geography, this is called a triple divide. In Ojibway lore, it is the Hill of Three Waters. At Three Waters Publishing, we call it the source of our inspiration.”



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