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IPR Faculty and Staff Members Named VIPs


Tanya Norman: “Beat the Drum” Awar

As part of IPR’s quarterly town hall meeting, four members of the IPR team were recognized as “IPR VIP’s” for their outstanding work and contributions to the IPR campus.

The first award, the “Beat the Drum” award went to Admissions Representative Tanya Norman for her hard work putting together “Breaking the Glass Ceiling,” an event that highlighted successful women in the entertainment industry. Tanya attracted high-profile panelists to the panel-style event that was a well attended and highly informational afternoon for our students.

Peter Greenlund, IPR’s new Program Chair for Live Sound and Show Production degree, was awarded the “Hands-on” Award. In addition to his Chair and instructional duties, Peter spent winter and spring term transforming Robinson Hall from a lecture space into a first class venue for teaching and showcasing live productions.

This year, two IPR Instructors have demonstrated their commitment to the college and their willingness to take on any task or class.

Amanda Kirchner taught classes in the Humanities, Digital Cinema, Computer and Web Fluency, Design, and Lighting. In addition, she taught and chaperoned the popular South by Southwest class and took a classful of students down to Austin, Texas for the festival. Micah Johnson teaches Audio Production for Video Media classes, but also took on Foundations of Computing and Desktop Production. Amanda and Micah were awarded the “Jack (and Jill) of all Trades” award.

All VIPS were awarded certificates and custom-made VIP sashes.






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