Why Do We Appreciate Film?

While film appreciation is about more than just critically acclaimed films, it is good to start with the most groundbreaking types of films in every genre. In order to appreciate film, one must start with the classics. Try watching films that have won awards or were featured at film festivals. Find the films that have defined a genre. Try a variety of films from different genres, even ones that you may not usually watch. Watch action, comedy, and dramas. Also try documentaries, biographical films and films that offer an ability to learn something new. Create a list of actors, directors and producers that make the films you enjoy.

The best way to learn more about film is to take a video production class. This program will prepare you to work in entry-level positions on a film set. Starting with a digital video and media production degree program you will learn about production, story structure, lighting, video editing, audio, visual effects, storytelling, and scriptwriting. Through this program you will understand all the behind the scenes work that goes into making a film and will be able to appreciate films that much more.

Why Do We Appreciate Film?

There are many reasons why we appreciate films. Some films are good at telling stories, they are a creative outlet for writers and directors. Films take us on an adventure, we lose ourselves in the film’s world and forget about everything else but the film and more often than not we learn something new when we watch films. Whether it is a story we never considered, a vision of history from a specific lens, or a lesson that we never knew we needed to learn. We appreciate film because of all the emotions we feel, the stories we enjoy, the adventures we take and the lessons we learn.

Films Tell a Story

Some people enjoy reading books because the story comes to life in a unique way. The reader creates the imagery of the story while they read. We appreciate films because they give us perspective. The same story can be told in many different ways with different characters.

West Side Story is one such film we appreciate. Starting out as a Broadway production in 1957, it debuted on the big screen in 1961. West Side Story won many academy awards and was an instant movie classic. Over the years, this film has seen Broadway revivals and a new version directed by Steven Spielberg is anticipated in 2020. Spielberg is appreciated by the many films he has written, directed and produced including Jaws, ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Amistad, The Color Purple and Schindler’s List. Lin-Manuel Miranda takes the idea of West Side Story to new heights in the Broadway show turned movie musical spectacular ‘In The Heights’ about the New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood. The stories we appreciated yesterday are readapted to fit today and then refreshed for tomorrow too. There is always a new perspective or storyline to elaborate on.

Creativity in Film

There are many different ways a film can be creative. Films can tackle new subjects, take a story and find a new meaning, or introduce us to a new genre. One of those appreciated films that opened up science fiction to the masses was Metropolis. Metropolis was a universal story about the divide between the two classes living in a big city. This film gave us a futuristic view of Romeo and Juliet, two star crossed lovers from different sides of the tracks. A true ground-breaking foray into science fiction, Metropolis makes way for future appreciated sci-fi films like Blade Runner and the Fifth Element.

Films are Adventurous

We appreciate films because they can take us on an adventure. Whether we are flying in the clouds, sailing to a far-off island or lost in a fantasy world. Avatar is one such film that was the pioneering film for 3D viewing. Although not the first 3D movie, remember the funny blue and red glasses popularized in the 50s, Avatar took polarized 3D into mainstream feature films. Directed by another classic, James Cameron, Avatar defined 3D fantasy, and was the first movie to ever gross more than 2 billion dollars worldwide.

Films Help Us Loose Ourselves

There is no better example of a film that many of us got lost in, than The Matrix. Released in 1999, with two sequels and a fourth movie slated for 2022. Keanu Reeves is an office worker by day and computer hacker by night. Is he lost in a dream or is this reality? On the search for Morpheus, Laurence Fishburne, he is joined by a rag tag crew of rebels that are trying to save the human race from a world controlled by machines. Is Neo the chosen one or just another person stuck in the Matrix?

Learning Something New

There are many much appreciated films that also taught us a thing or two. Some are feature films and others are documentaries. However, all films end up teaching us something. Whether it is a horror movie teaching us not to hide alone or a biopic teaching lessons from the past, we appreciate the things we learn from films. Some historical dramas or biopics that are film classics include Amadeus and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Some 80s classics taught us how to grow up as a princess, a jock, a nerd, a criminal or a basket case. Whether sitting in detention (The Breakfast Club), out in the world on a sick day (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) or living the day your family forgot your birthday (Sixteen Candles), movies teach us how to navigate teen angst. We learn from the films we appreciate.

Final Thoughts

While not every film is a classic or has won an academy award, we all have our favorites and the best way to find yours is to watch a wide variety of movies. This will allow you to appreciate film in its entirety and have fun while doing it.

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