IPR Digital Video Students Crew Indian Motorcycle Documentary

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Last week, seven Digital Video and Media Production students and grads were on hand to witness the longest parade of Indian Motorcycles – certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Better yet, they were all getting paid to film it. The event was part of Indian Motorcycles of the Twin Cities annual bike week, an event which raises money for children’s school supplies.

Led by Director/Producer – and IPR Instructor – Andrew Hunt, the crew were shooting a 30-minute documentary that focuses on Indian Motorcycles and the mass appeal that it has to a diverse population of riders. There were several notable Indian Motorcycle enthusiasts at the rally including Danny Trejo (Machete, Heat, Desperado, Breaking Bad, Spy Kids), Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy, Traffic), Rusty Coons (Sons of Anarchy), and Bengazi Survivor Mark “Oz” Geist.

Hunt could have hired anyone to fill out his crew, but choose to give the spots to emerging talents who he knew he could trust: his students. “Nothing makes me prouder than to see IPR’s students working on a film as professionals. When it was revealed that 80% of my crew were film students, people at the shoot hardly believed it.”

Crew members from IPR were:

Ben Thorson (DVMP, AAS Grad) – Camera
Jesse Rubbelke (DVMP, AAS student) – Camera
Owen Seaton (DVMP, AAS student) – Camera
Ian Holisky (DVMP, AAS student) – Drone Operator
Cesar Sosa (DVMP, AAS student) – Assistant Director
Parker Gorecki (DVMP, BFA student) – Camera
Parker Peterson (DVMP, BFA student) – Production Assistant

In addition to notching their belts with a film credit and collecting a paycheck, students got the opportunity to shoot in 4K on a Sony FS5 Camera. IPR Grad Ben Thorson worked all six days of the shoot.  

“The last six days have been truly amazing,” he wrote on Facebook after the shoot. “I met so many outstanding people over the week and became friends with a few of them. It was such a treat to have them come over and tell me stories about their bikes while I was filming B-Roll,”