Why You Should Attend a Open House at IPR

Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) welcomed more than 40 students to it’s open house this fall. Each quarter the campus opens their doors to students who are interested in the programs at IPR. Out of those students approximately 17 of them took the Director’s Academic Scholarship test that day.

“The open house was a very exciting day. It was great to meet all of the potential new students,” said IPR Admissions Representative, Peter Yang. “We were also able to award a total of $33,500 in scholarships for 17 high school seniors for the Directors Academic Scholarship Test that same day.”

“I finally found a place where I fit in,” said Jackson Groskreutz, future student in the digital video media production program. “I can’t wait to join in on the action! I got to meet all of the department heads and got to know them on a more personal level. This is something I’ve only ever experienced at IPR, they truly care about their students, and make each one feel unique. I also enjoyed breaking off into individual groups and learning more about the digital video program. It was really cool to see the film “Level” and get a sneak peek at what I’ll be doing next year.”

According to IPR Instructor, Luke Harper, the best take-aways from open houses are those of an implicit familiarity with both the staff and the facilities. Understanding that these spaces and people are here to help and are genuinely interested in you, the person, your story, and your possibilities.

“We love what we do so much that sharing it is a privilege, and interactions with staff reinforce that this is not a cold place of technical academics, but a familial set of facilities and people that want you to succeed,” said Luke.

He concludes by stating that art requires comfort, and IPR is fundamentally comfortable as an outstanding provider of education.

About the Director’s Academic Scholarship:

The Director’s Academic Scholarship awards graduating high school seniors up to $5,000 toward tuition, depending on their scores on the Wonderlic SLE.

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