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IPR Live Sound and Show Production Students Put On Rooftop Concert Series

Written by: Peter Greenlund Over the past two terms, students from the Live Sound And Show Production (LSSP) program have been producing a concert series on the rooftop of the Wyman Building. We have provided full live sound services for the advertising firm of “Colle + McVoy,” showcasing the bands Strange Names, Candid Kid, and William Within.
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Goodbye Final Cut Pro 7; IPR focuses on Adobe, Avid, and X

It’s been five years since Final Cut Pro 7 has been updated and this term IPR put FCP7 to bed. We continue to offer skill-based editing instruction using Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid Media Composer. In 2011, When Apple released Final Cut Pro X, independent editors everywhere revolted. The software, referred
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Graphic Design: How Do the Pros Come Up With Logos?

“It’s me, doing whatever it takes to make cool stuff.” Those are the words of graphic designer Aaron Draplin, who discusses his creative process and how he comes up with logos for clients in a video on Sploid. Logos incorporate many aspects of graphic design—color, shapes, fonts, subliminal meanings or hidden symbols—and help companies identify
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Grip, Gaffer, Best Boy… What Are Those Weird-Sounding Jobs in the Film Industry?

If you’re interested in film, you’ve probably noticed some funky-sounding job titles in the credits at the end of movies… and wondered what, exactly, these folks do. The world of digital video and media production offers an array of career opportunities. Some of them, such as director, are more straightforward. Others, however, may need some explanation.
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Digg users express (justifiable?) concern over site's front page ads.

Popular social news site targeted its tech-savvy, mostly left-wing, sensationalism-devouring audience and repeatedly bombarded them with a Dragon Age: Origins-riddled front page. Almost no corner of the site remained untouched by the Bioware-developed and Eletronic Arts-published videogame. A  site width-equivalent banner brightened the Digg sky, another rested in the upper-right quadrant (below relevant site
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D.W.D.I. (Derek Would Do It)

By Laura Holt (IPR Alumni) How do you begin to write about someone who significantly impacted your life without you even knowing it?  Well you begin with some deep thoughts of shared conversations had with him, teary eyes over conversations left unspoken, a smile and a laugh over crazy escapades, inside jokes, and comments dished
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PC Version of Batman: Arkham Asylum Offers Significantly Greater Immersion Than Console Counterparts.

“This isn’t one of those in-game pre-rendered movies, is it?” As Batman: Arkham Asylum played on the screen, a Game Night attendee demanded answers. I couldn’t fault him for questioning the graphics’ validity. Videogame companies notoriously employ smoke, mirrors, and feature film-quality 3D animation to mislead consumers into buying a product that can, in no
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Smell the Cheese? Brogamers Hail New Call of Dooooooooodie Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

“‘Sup brogamers! The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 trailer aired last night during the Sunday night FOOOOOOTBALLLL(!!) match between the Steelers and the Chargers. It was AWESOME! There were explosions, and people running around in military stuff, and like Bible references, and OMG the music! It had power chords! ROCK ONNNN! Like, words
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