IPR and Rhymesayers Showcase at Icehouse MPLS 6-14-16

Rhymesayers PosterIPR, in conjunction with Rhymesayers Entertainment, offers a course called Hip Hop Essentials. Taught every other quarter by Kevin Beacham of the Rhymesayers, it is a mixture of Hip Hop history, studio work, and real-world knowledge of the Hip Hop industry today.

The class features Kevin’s wide-ranging history of Hip Hop, as well as in-class appearances from Rhymesayers artists and staff. These professionals share not only their passions but also their extensive, inside knowledge of the industry.

As a final project, students collaborate to prepare and host a live Hip Hop show. Hip Hop Essentials is holding its event next week at the Icehouse venue in Minneapolis. Headlining the show is none other than Minneapolis native artist Musab aka Beyond. Musab helped co-found Rhymesayers Entertainment in 1995 and was the first artist to release an album on the label.

In support of Musab, the show will feature performances from up and coming local lyricist Adi, DJ Blaze One, and IPR’s own Nick Vogue’d and Chilly Breeze.

The show is FREE and kicks off at 9:30pm on Tuesday June 14th.

Written by Brian Keefe