Inside Tracks with Special Guest Ryan White

Written by Kevin Bowe

Ryan White speaking at Inside Tracks
Ryan White speaking at Inside Tracks

Inside Tracks with special guest Ryan White (manufacturer’s rep for Rode Microphones and Event Studio Monitors)

This installment of Inside Tracks was especially informative and exciting because of the passion that Ryan White brings to his job as a manufacturer’s representative for high-end audio companies like Rode and Event, which are both based out of Australia. He began with a little explanation of what life as a rep is like … think being on tour with a band but working days instead of nights and explaining and demonstrating audio gear instead of playing music – then you’ll get a clear picture of his gig. He has traveled the world over several times and he loves it.

Over 35 students turned out for this seminar and we all (myself included) learned a lot. We knew less than we thought about microphones in general, how they’re made, what they can do, and how to take care of them. Rode makes a wide variety of mics not just for┬ástudio and live work, but film applications as well. Ryan explained price points and how to decide which mics to buy when you’re first putting together a studio.

The students asked many questions and the event ran at least a half hour over our time, which made me very happy!