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IPR Production Portfolio Recording Major Talents

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Watch for session specifics in the new blog series, Being Kevin Bowe: Inside the IPR Sessions

Music Production Portfolio is a capstone course, taken during an Audio Production and Engineering student’s final term of study. It is a project-based class, taught by APE’s associate program chair Kevin Bowe, and focuses on the development and completion of a multi-song professional audio production.

Kevin and his class are recording some major local talents this term. Kevin checked in on this term’s schedule:

The schedule for AP292 is particularly inspiring this quarter. We started off with a bang, recording drummer Alexander Young (Chris Koza, Jeremy Messersmith) playing a new song I wrote with 17-year old wonder boy, Jonah Marais (google him and you’ll see why I call him that).

Usually, week one is just learning the gear but we jumped right into the deep-end this quarter and the water was great. The day was made even better by the fact that we had a young visitor who was checking out IPR and during the session he had his “I’m gonna DO THIS” moment. Always cool.

The next two weeks are filled with cool Minneapolis indie rock bands Batteryboy and Hot Date; they share some members, like so many bands these days. But, the KINGS of local indie rock come in after that: Communist Daughter! This band is about to be signed to a big label deal and they’ve been touring nationally for years. We did much of their new album at IPR, right in Mastermix, a lot of it with IPR students. I can’t wait for the release of those songs.

A huge left turn in November, when Eric Hohn (Soul Tight Committee) brings a jazz trio in, upright bass and all. I love capturing those sounds in our studio because the room is ideal for it. Another change of pace the following week when The Dirt Road Ramblers bring their old-fashioned honky tonk roots country in for the day. This guy has such a deep baritone you won’t believe it until you hear it.

The quarter will be rounded out by dates with hard pop rocking Maudlin, featuring sometime IPR instructor David Priebe, and my favorite songwriter from Winona, Jake Ilika.

Students will get a broad swipe of music with this roster, I find that despite their predetermined tastes, students love the variety, the weirder the better!

–Kevin Bowe



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