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Audio Engineering: Essential Tools for Beginners

For those looking to begin a career in audio engineering, gear is the name of the game. Big, expensive equipment, pricey plugins, quality reference tracks, and a large time commitment can appear to place a barrier to entry into the audio engineering. However, by focusing on mastering a few skills and pieces of equipment, future
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Synthesizers & Sound Design for Making Music

Interested in making music? During an audio production program at a vocational school, you will learn about synthesizers and how to use samples, oscillators, LFOs, filters, envelope generators and loops. With these audio effects, an entry-level audio engineer can make unique sounds for music and visual media. What is a Synthesizer? An electronic keyboard that
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Film Scoring: A Sound Design for Visual Media Guide

Interested in learning how film scoring works? In an introduction class to music scoring for visual media, students learn the theory and practice of spotting music to picture, composing music in different styles, arranging and orchestration for live and electronic music, and the business and practice of film scoring. After receiving your degree in sound
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Job Spotlight: Associate Producer Pre-Production, Production & Post

Interested in digital video and media production? An associate producer may be an entry level role in this industry. The associate producer is the producer’s right hand and supports them with whatever is needed. As an associate producer you’ll need good multi-tasking skills, be deadline sensitive and make sound decisions. You will also need to
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Recent Trends in Auto-Tune and the Hip Hop Genre

Auto-tune has long been a controversial topic in the music community.  Some detractors claim that auto-tune is little more than a lack of originality. Proponents claim that auto-tune is part of the creative process and shows technical ability. Some artists like Jay Z claim that auto-tune is false or fake music and deserves no respect. 
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5 Steps to Finding an Audio Engineering Mentor

Interested in working on the technical aspects of recording including microphone placement, balancing levels and processing audio tracks? Do you enjoy operating audio, video, lighting and broadcast equipment? Love talking about and making music? After vocational school, most new audio engineers start out with a few technically accomplished tracks that are good enough to get
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