What Can Pro Tools Do?

Audio engineer working with an artist and using pro tools

Are you starting to make music and want to learn more about digital audio workstations? Did you hear about Pro Tools and wonder what it is all about? Pro Tools is the standard software when it comes to creating sound. Whether you are an audio producer or sound designer, Pro Tools will become your favorite and most useful software program in your arsenal. So, what can Pro Tools Do? And why do so many people use Pro Tools?

What Can Pro Tools Do?

Whether you make music or work on sound for films, Pro Tools is the undisputed champ. With it, you can record, edit, mix and master music and sound for any audio project you are working on.

Lots of Features

Pro Tools offers so many features that help both audio producers and sound designers. These features include a ton of cloud storage and options for more if you need it. It is installed with a lot of plug-ins, sounds, loops and virtual instruments to run multiple tracks simultaneously. Pro Tools can also be used with or without HDX cards. This software can handle any sort of track you want to throw at it, from MIDI, instruments, auxiliary, to video. Another feature that Pro Tools offers is the ability to convert audio to MIDI. Using this feature, the audio producer can re-pitch notes, play with the timing and change instruments in audio files. This brief list only scratches the surface of all the features offered in Pro Tools.

Hardware Compatible

Many industry titans still use mixing boards, synthesizers and other music hardware, and haven’t fully migrated to an all-virtual system. For those that like to use tangible items, touch knobs and flip switches, Pro Tools is compatible with most industry standard hardware. You will also be able to find a lot of the sounds that come from classic hardware like the keytar that was used in the 80s, without having to find and dust it off from storage. Pro Tools has preloaded an abundance of virtual instruments and continues to update their library with every version upgrade. You can even purchase third-party virtual instruments and sounds from the virtual marketplace.

Recording and Editing

Pro Tools is useful during recording and editing stages in the music studio, helping the audio producer record the different elements of a song. Whether vocals, instruments, or Foley sounds, Pro Tools can lay down the track and allow the audio producer to make any edits necessary. This software also allows the audio producer to alter the speed or volume of the individual tracks and create loops that can repeat a beat, instrument or other sound compilation.

Mixing and Mastering

With Pro Tools, the final steps of audio production are a breeze. During the mixing stage of post-production, the audio producer works on balancing all the separate tracks in a session with tools like EQ, compression, reverb and panning. This software helps the audio producer adjust and combine all the individual tracks into the mix.  Pro Tools also helps create balance between all the elements of the track, from vocals to instruments and even harmonies. During the mastering stage, the audio producer is able to finalize the tracks, so they are balanced across the album, finding any final issues or mistakes in the album before it is distributed. Pro Tools gets the tracks ready for distribution to all sorts of different formats including streaming and MP3 files.

Film Scoring

Many scoring stages use Pro Tools for recording soundtracks of large orchestras. The sound designer will also use Pro Tools to create a film score. This software allows the sound designer to set the tone of the film. They can make original sound in any style they want, whether the film is horror, a romantic comedy or an action thriller. Pro tools has all the pre-recorded sound and virtual hardware needed to create an incredible film score.

Film Post-Production

Sound designers use Pro Tools in post-production when all the dialogue, sound, music and Foley is created, and it is time to sync the sounds of the film to the visuals that were filmed. Pro Tools also supports surround sound formats like 5.1 to make theatrical sound for film.

Why Do So Many People Use Pro Tools?

Pro Tools is used in many classrooms, music studios and film studios. It is the standard in the industry, and everyone knows about it. You don’t even need to know anything about digital audio workstations to start using Pro Tools. However, it does help if you start using Pro Tools in an educational setting.

Pro Tools is Easy of Use

One of the most important aspects of Pro Tools is how easy it is to use. Although I wouldn’t consider Pro Tools as the easiest, once you learn the basics it becomes second nature. And the fact that so many people use it means you can find many videos tutorials about Pro Tools online. Pro Tools looks just like a real soundboard with knobs and dials to move. You can mix and match whatever you need, right in the production interface.

Pro Tools has Numerous Tools

Pro Tools has all the synths, virtual instruments, MIDI, plug-ins, amp simulators, compressors and EQs you need to make great sound. And with every iteration, the number of tools increases as does the compatibility of alternative tools. Pro Tools is always coming up with new ways to use the software for mixing audio tracks and to produce film scores.

Pro Tools also has a huge sound library with lots of presets. This way you can choose the genre of music or film and use the sounds that come with that genre and tweak the sound from there.

Pro Tools is Widely Used

Pro Tools is the best music production software because it is the industry standard. Most schools teach it, it is compatible with many other DAWs and it is constantly being updated. If you want to work with the industry standard DAW, then Pro Tools is a good choice.

Pro Tools is Easy to Learn

Pro Tools is easy to learn once you become familiar and confident in the use of the music production and sound design software at your creative arts college. Before long, you will be collaborating with your classmates, working together to make some great music and sound.

Pro Tools will not Break the Bank

Pro Tools offers many different levels of subscription so you can decide whether you want to stay with the limited version or upgrade to a premium version. Considering other DAWs, Pro Tools offers the best value with the greatest number of tools, plug-ins, and other features for the price. It will run on many different computers, so you don’t need the fastest or most expensive laptop to run this software.

Final Thoughts

After graduating from an audio production or sound design program, you will be a master of Pro Tools. With the new knowledge and skills you have built in the classroom, you will be highly sought-after in both the music and film industries. Learning how to use Pro Tools in all its capacity will greatly pay off throughout your career.

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