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Essential Viewing: Audio Post Production

Those who find themselves immersed in the world of sound for picture are well aware of the demanding nature of the craft, on both a technical and creative level.  On offer here today are a selection of revealing glimpses into professional post production and sound design tactics which may serve as inspiration for individuals aspiring to become part of this exciting industry.

Matthew Wood, Supervising Sound Editor at Skywalker Sound

An interview with legendary Sound Designer Ben Burtt for the DVD of Wall-E

“I’m always on the alert…If a sound catches my attention, its probably going to be useful to me later on somewhere in a movie…” ~ Ben Burtt

Peter Jackson’s soundcrew recording SFX for King Kong

Randy Thom describes how the sound was designed for the ping-pong scenes in Forrest Gump

Gary Rydstrom knew he wanted to work in film…he found his passion with sound

“Dinosaur dialogue” in Jurassic Park

OK, this one is just for fun…though George Lucas has said that sound is “half of the picture”

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