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Audio Production Lesson One: Kevin Bowe Says be "That Guy"

Audio Production and Music Business students’ first lesson at IPR often looks something like this “if somebody asks you whether you know how to do a specific type of project, you always say yes.” Fear is not an option in the Music Business, even if you don’t know how to do something.

Have you got 24 hours before an Audio Production gig? Great, you can always ask a friend or find a book that can put you in the driver’s seat.

Kevin Bowe breaks it down plain and simple:

That Guy

Kevin Bowe

I’m not proud of some of the things I’ve said yes to, but I feel worse about the few things I’ve ever said no to…… let me clarify.

Any time a gig is thrown in my face “yes” is my screen saver response for three reasons.

First, you definitely want to build a rep as a go-to person, someone who, without question, will get the task done and done well, no matter what it is and what the deadline is.

Second, you want the money.

Third, you want the repeat business.

I tell my students, if you have a busted pipe and you call a plumber and that plumber shows up right away, fixes it correctly, charges you a fair price, and then gives you his card…. you’ll put the card on the fridge and next time you need a plumber, you don’t think…. “hmmmm who should I call?”, you call THAT GUY. Because he’s YOUR plumber, no questions asked.

That’s who YOU want to be to your clients: Never late, always ready to work, always meeting deadlines. You don’t want to be low maintenance; you want to be NO maintenance. Then, next time a client needs work, they won’t think about who to call; they’ll call YOU.



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