Why Should I Attend an Audio Production School?

Young woman attends music production school

Interested in attending an audio production school? Want to know why you should attend? If you are passionate about music and want to make it a career, attending an audio production school will give you credibility in the industry. You will also enjoy smaller class sizes, hands-on experience and more interaction with school faculty. Attending an audio production school gives you the opportunity to network with your peers and students, as well as industry professionals.

Turn Your Passion for Music into a Career

Those that have passion for music have the opportunity to make music a career. As an audio production specialist, you can learn what you love and work in a career that is exciting. A career in music involves learning and growing. There are always new software, hardware and technologies to learn about, so work in the music industry is never boring. When you love what you do, every day is fun and doesn’t feel like work.

Gain Credibility

With a degree from an audio production school, you will gain the credibility needed to start a career in the music business. Just obtaining a degree shows that you finish what you start. When you demonstrate that you can complete a degree, it shows future employers you are dedicated. Furthermore, having a degree in audio production shows that you have built a foundation upon which to grow. Many employers will look for candidates that have a degree in the music technology, which highlights your dedication to music. That passion shows through during the interview process and into your new career.

Enjoy Small Class Sizes

Additionally, IPR offers small class sizes. This allows instructors to create one-on-one relationships with students. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to talk with your instructor to answer any questions you may have. For this reason, audio production schools hire faculty that have experience in the industry. This experience also influences the curriculum in a positive way. Even more, smaller classes sizes also offer you the ability to create close bonds with fellow classmates. These bonds will last and endure during your years working in the music industry.

Work with Quality Recording Equipment

Audio production schools spend their time and money to obtain quality recording equipment. For example, they also build out music studios with everything a student needs to create music and mix sound. Whether it is a wide range of microphones, speakers, mixing boards, DAWs, software, musical instruments or other audio production equipment, an audio production school has the equipment that you will need to succeed in the industry.

Network with Industry Colleagues

During your time at an audio production school, you will create close bonds with classmates. Those classmates may turn out to be your colleagues in the industry or an opportunity to network to further your career in the music industry. Because of this, networking is important and an audio production school gives you the ability to introduce yourself. As a result, this can lead to many connections and potential clients.

Social Media

Social media is also a great way to network in the music industry. For example, sites like SoundCloud, Facebook, and YouTube are all places that you can network. Become a part of your local community on these social media websites and make connections.

Additionally, you can grow your network across many different genres to capture a wide range of networking potential. With continued participation, you’ll build your network and open up opportunities to grow your career.

Career Services After Graduation

IPR has a dedicated Career Services department that offers employment assistance to graduates. Although they can’t guarantee that you will get a job, it is very likely that Career Services will open up many new doors in the industry.

Although we cannot guarantee employment, you will find support from the moment you enroll. On top of our Career Services department, the connections with our award-winning instructors may be helpful. But we also know those skills are only good if you use them. That is where our Career Services team comes in.

Thankfully, this help doesn’t end once you graduate. Our Career Services team is here to provide ongoing career assistance whenever you need it. As a result, we continue to provide personalized service and keep alumni informed of opportunities within the industry.

Financial Aid Services

Audio production schools are accredited and participate in various federal student aid programs. For example, this means that they will answer questions and even help you fill out a FAFSA form.  During the admissions process, your admissions representative will arrange for you to meet with an associate from the financial aid office. 

Our Financial Aid team explains the various types of federal aid, grants, and loans that you may qualify for. There may also be scholarships available for you if you fit specific criteria. Although paying for college can be challenging, many schools will help you identify financial aid to ease the cost.

Final Thoughts

Becoming an audio production specialist is a rewarding job and a great way to turn your passion into a life-long career. With the help of audio production school’s career services and financial aid, and a network of colleagues, you will get a jumpstart in the music industry after graduating. Doing what you love and loving what you do.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in learning more about attending an audio production school? Turn your passion into a profession at the Institute of Production and Recording. IPR offers interactive degree programs in audio production and engineering, live sound and show production, digital video and media production, and sound design for visual media. A degree from the Institute of Production and Recording prepares students to not only meet the standards of a competitive industry but exceed them.

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