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10 Resources for Audio Production and Engineering Students

Studying audio production and / or audio engineering requires a good deal of discipline in order to truly understand how things work and why.  To aid in this goal we are happy to share some great online resources to help you make the most of your education!

  • Pro AudioProduction Glossary of Terms – A fairly comprehensive collection of definitions for terminology you will encounter
  • The Stereo Bus A superb blog offering “Music production, pro audio and engineering tips & secrets.”  Topics range from specific plug-in reviews to more general advice such as “How Do I Get My Songs to Play at the Same Volume?” or “How to Add a Subwoofer to Your Monitor System”  (Fun Fact: The individual behind this effort describes himself as having “graduated from IPR for music production back in 2003 as their first enrolled student”…Nice!)
  • Home Studio Tips This site takes a very cool approach by setting itself up as a social networking niche site – the informative articles and videos are shared by members who are eager to offer their expertise, often on specific pieces of equipment or production scenarios
  • Electronic Music Production Tips and Tricks – Excellent advice which often extends beyond the confines on electronic music, such as recent posts detailing “Creativity in the Control Room” or “Acoustics Part 1: An Introduction to Resonance” – quality articles which often include audio examples of the techniques being discussed
  • WinkSound – Top notch video tutorials grouped into channels dealing with popular software environments: Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, and Reason.  One of my favorites and will likely become one of yours as well!
  • Audio-Production-Tips – I just discovered this one, but it looks promising…and I thought it would make a nice addition to this post as the site creator is currently enrolled in an audio production school in Madrid – so I’m betting he is well aware of what topics students often struggle with.  He says “The aim of this website is to help interested newcomers get started in the world of audio production. I’ll supply you guys with useful information regarding audio technology and music production, from recording to mixing, from songwriting to running live sound.”
  • Tape Op – The Creative Music Recording magazine. In depth interviews with masters of the craft of recording and innovative techniques shared by many working professionals.  They offer a FREE basic subscription to the printed edition of the magazine (did I mention it was FREE!); signing up for this should be at the top of any new audio student’s To-Do list
  • Hip Hop Makers – Production tips from a hip-hop perspective – many candid interviews and insight into the studios and techniques of well known producers, and Hit Talk – Production tips with a hip-hop angle on making hits (technically this makes for 11 resources featured in this post, bonus!)
  • Music Radar – Billing itself as “the No. 1 website for musicians” they serve up a wealth of quality news, techniques, reviews on guitars, drums, technology, and more.  I am especially fond of their free software round up features!
  • @IPR_School on Twitter – Self promoting?  Yes.  Gratuitous or indulgent?  No!  I would absolutely fail in my duty to live up to the promise of this post’s title if I neglected to mention this daily source of helpful information.  Why?  One word: aggregator.  No, this is not some reptilian relative of an alligator which you should be afraid of, but rather a service dedicated to bringing together (or aggregating) the very best tips, tricks and advice the web has to offer on the topics of audio production and engineering and delivering them directly to our followers.  Seriously, if you are not yet an active twitter user it may well be worth your time to sign up simply to gain access to this bounty of useful know how.  In addition to selecting the choicest bits from some of the sources discussed above, @IPR_School literally searches the vastness of the entire online world to bring you information that will be beneficial to your career path as an audio or multimedia professional.



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