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Obama: Beyond Recognition at First Amendment

Live music graphics have never been better, especially in Minneapolis; where the likes of Aesthetic Apparatus and Amy Jo Hendrickson crank out remarkable show posters with stunning regularity. But the biggest, bestest, and most prolific design house of all is the mighty Burlesque of North America. The Northeast-based printing powerhouse’s principles have been deploying their promotional clout in a different arena as of late, gracing local storefronts with newly minted Obama posters by the likes of the likes of David Choe, Ron English, Datefarmers, MunkOne, Sam Flores, Morning Breath, Cody Hudson, and Burlesque’s own Wes Winship. For an extended glimpse of what nobody’s campaign will ever show, check out the Obama test print exhibition at the Burlesque-owned First Amendment Gallery, opening Saturday, October 25 at 7:00 p.m. and closing exactly one month later.



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