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Mystery Palace Leave Town

Mystery Palace hold their own even in the jazziest situations.

As with good health and literacy, the Twin Cities suffer no lack of capably bent circuits. Though he and partner Bianca Pettis hew to a strict “no sound-making implement left behind” agenda, Beatrix JAR‘s music wouldn’t be complete–or even itself–minus Jacob Roske’s considerable circuit-bending skills.  Tech whiz and keyboard virtuoso Logan Erickson mastered the art well before his 20th birthday.  As handy with a soldering gun as he is with juggling projects, Lorren Stafford of Slutmachine, Nautipuss, Low Orbit, Richard for Cerebellum, and Black Box Effects allegedly bends to take his mind off work.

Even minus the effects, they’d be kaleidoscopic.

While the above (along with the likes of dronemaster Datura 1.0 and Duluth-based polymath Tim Kaiser) harbor enough bending prowess to saturate a state five times the size of ours, not one can touch Ryan Olcott  Actually, nobody on the planet can hold a candle to Myatery Palace’s founder when it comes to bending circuits. Other benders rarely tackle anything more complex than, say, a Casio SK-10, whereas Olcott reconfigures the innards of big rigs–exhibit A being the heavily modded Yamahas he uses in the trio–with alacrity. Plus, while most benders never get beyond R2D2 impressions, Olcott gets at least as much music (and as many sounds appropriate to our times) as the likes of Hot Chip and the Justice. He’s even tamed his boards to the extent that drummer Joey Phillips and bassist James Buckley stopped having to keep themselves in”code red” mode long ago. Best of all, the 12 Rods veteran uses ’em in the service of the loose-limbed, nuanced electronic pop that’s made the band a household word in discriminating households all over the planet.


The band look future-wards at SXSW 2008. 

Plus, Olcott, Plillips, and Buckley get around. After tonight’s Chicago show, the trio head east, then curl back around and end the tour in Madison (itinerary below). If they find anyplace appreciably warmer than Minneapolis, we’re seriously hoping Olcot’ll bend up a teleporter and get us there…would immediately be too soon?

Perpetual Bent Fest highlights  invigorate Los Angeles.


****Mystery Palace Winter Tour ’09****


Thursday, Jan 15 – Chicago, IL @ Ronny’s

Friday, Jan 16 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Smiling Moose

Saturday, Jan 17 – NYC @ The Stone

Sunday, Jan 18 – NYC @ The Stone (FoodTeam solo/trio improvised set)

Monday, Jan 19 – NYC @ Pianos

Tuesday, Jan 20 – Philadelphia, PA @ 941 Theater

Wednesday, Jan 21 – Columbus, OH @ Bernie’s Distillery

Friday, Jan 23 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Stonefly Brewery

Saturday, Jan 24 – Madison, WI @ Frequency





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