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Mome Is Where Half The Heart Is: Confessions Of A Divided Man I

Tom K skewed Commie even before it became cool.

While its comic arts program seems to be shaping up nicely, one thing MCAD definitely doesn’t excel at is promotion. If my dear friend Tom K hadn’t been blogging up a bloody storm of late, I might never have found out about MOMEntum: The New Comics. Opening on Friday, March 6, the exhibition features work by a passle of contributors–including my aforementioned Marxist/cartoonist pal and fellow Minneapolitan Zak Sally–to Fantagraphics’ widely lauded, quarterly anthology series.

To complicate matters further, the opening is offset by one hour from my dear capitalist friend Roger Williamson‘s opening at J & S Bean Factory, a good seven miles away. Aspiring intern-chauffeurs–now’s the time to find out how easily and well I can change your lives: Just step forward and drop a capsule app in the “comments” section of this post.

Williamson depicts our own personal Horus.



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