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IPR Entertainment Business – DIY 360 with Filmaker Lucas Langworthy

Friday, May 6th, 2011 – For this quarter’s fifth installment, DIY 360 welcomed local, independent filmmaker, Lucas Langworthy. He showed DIY his latest film project, Taking AIM, a documentary about the American Indian Movement, and spoke about how the project came together.

While researching the documentary, Langworthy conducted all interviews without making subjects aware of his questions beforehand; he believes taking this extra step allowed his subjects to communicate more naturally. With such a sensitive historical subject, it’s crucially important the answers be authentic and un-coached.  Since Langworthy produced and edited the documentary, it was imperative he treat the subject as objectively as possible.

When working on documentaries, Langworthy likes to network with people who know about his subject. Building relationships can be a key element to research.

In addition to his work on documentary films, Langworthy does smaller projects such as artist profiles and wedding videos to pay the bills.  He also works full time at the Rosedale Center Apple Store.  His advice for aspiring filmmakers is to start making films, network with other filmmakers, find a mentor, and learn your craft by responding well to criticism.

Langworthy started working in film while living in southern Minnesota.  He attended film school in both Mankato and Minneapolis, and eventually landed in Hollywood.  Langworthy built film making skills through internships, and developed an interest in creating documentaries. He spent a few years working and living in California before returning to Minnesota.



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