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IPR Entertainment Business – DYI 360 Featuring Kevin Steinman

Friday, May 20, 2011 – indie-folk artist Kevin Steinman joined IPR for DIY 360. It was clear from his captivating intro. piece that Steinman is not only a seasoned performer, but he’s also a very skilled songwriter.


“My Mistress Eyes are nothing like the Sun” – is a line pulled directly from a Shakespearian sonnet, but it’s also a song on Steinman’s new album: Pre-Existing Condition. Some of Steinman’s inspiration comes from legendary literary giants such as Emily Dickinson and William Shakespeare. “My Mistress Eyes…” pays homage to Shakespeare while adding to its literary depth.

Steinman has never had any formal training for voice; when he joined an acapella group as a young teen he not only learned how to use his voice to its full potential, but he also learned how the music business works.

With over 1,500 shows played in his lifetime Steinman surprised IPR students when sharing his biggest following is located in Norway; he spends 6-8 weeks there twice a year.

In Norway, the music scene is thriving and people have a stronger appreciation for the arts.  Steinman explained that it’s not uncommon for an artist to receive upwards of $25 for one CD sale. In America music is often taken for granted and CD’s or music files are given away to gain exposure and attract fans to shows. But money was never really his attraction to music.

Steinman began to share how he got involved in the music business. Like so many musicians Steinman felt the uncertainty of his musical career when family and friends told him to “get a real job” and to “take a path that is more safe and secure” but their negative words didn’t stop him from pursuing his true passion.


As DIY came to a close, Steinman sent students on their way to a reprise: “Strait of Georgia”. Singer, songwriter Kevin Steinman’s time at DIY was refreshing and educational. He brought with him a guitar and a voice and left us insight and inspiration.

You can catch Steinman’s next show on June 10th at The Dakota Jazz Club.



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