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IPR Entertainment Business – DIY 360 Featuring The 4onthefloor

Friday, June 3, 2011 – For IPR’s final DIY360 this quarter, we welcomed The 4onthefloor.  The 4onthefloor are a Minneapolis-based blues/rock band.  The name comes from the fact that all four members of the band play bass drums live.  They are inspired by a wide range of music, including delta blues, jazz, a plethora of rock music, and anything that involves “stomping” percussion.  While employing time tested musical sensibilities, The 4onthefloor have something special – it definitely feels like they have a uniqueness with the potential for stardom. Because of this doors have started to open for them.

Earlier this year, the 4onthefloor beat the competition at the Varsity Theater to perform at VitaMn Magazine’s Are You Local? event. VitaMn sponsored a stage for this year’s South By Southwest in Austin, TX, and The 4onthefloor were awarded a performance slot as part of their winnings. Learn more about the VitaMN event here.


The primary songwriters of the group are the guitarist and the bassist.  Most of their songs are originals written in 4/4 time that rarely contain bridges. All songs are best listened to at top volume, and live shows can leave blisters on your ears.

While known best for their original sound and material, they enjoy adding their signature style to songs by the likes of Tom Jones and Wilco. Not only does this keep it interesting for the fans, but these gems are often tied in with the unique brand of humor the band exercises – and it keeps things fun for the band as well.

Since their inception, The 4onthefloor have self-released all their albums.  Though they say they’d love booking help, they’re staying busy, and they seem to be holding out for the right help to come along. 

All 4 band members would love to make this their full time career. Even so, the band is constantly performing and touring, and their hard work is paying off.  This summer, they are performing at the Basilica Block Party, as well as opening for Willie Nelson and Trampled by Turtles. 

The 4onthefloor’s energy is infectious, and it was an honor having them as guests for DIY.



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