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IPR Entertainment Business – DIY 360 Featuring Jacob Martin

Friday, May 27 – Adam Levy’s DIY-360 welcomed country rock artist Jacob Martin.  After opening with a song off their new record “Country In The City” members Jacob Martin (vocals/guitar), Mike Guy (bassist), Josh Carlson (drummer) and Jeff Coggins (lead guitarist) began to share not only how they began playing music together but also how their music helped them through their personal struggles.

Growing up in Iowa, singer Jacob Martin dealt with the serious illness of Polio and addiction. For years his addiction got the best of him and his future was never certain. But luckily, music was there for him during his darkest days.  Fast forward some years and Jacob Martin is now sober and creating feel-good music where the lyrics create a beautiful picture.  

Jacob Martin and Band

After meeting in Nashville, Guy and Coggins joined Martin and quickly started collaborating with top Nashville songwriters to create their powerful sound.  When asked how the Nashville music scene differs from other major cities the guys explained “ Nashville is a small, big town. Everyone in Nashville is a musician or has some connection. The networking is easier than New York or LA.” Following that statement, drummer Josh Carlson continued by saying “ Nashville is rapidly turning into the new LA. The best players in the industry are now in Nashville but that makes it harder. It takes a while to build your reputation and you have to have the right everything in order to really make it.”

As their time at DIY came to a close, Jacob, Mike, Josh and Jeff explained why they love country music so much before appropriately ending with the song “I Love What I Do.” For the band, and Jacob Martin, country music is more than just a “twangy” voice and broken heart lyrics; country music is about singing from the heart and painting a heartfelt picture for those who share the same feelings.



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