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From Beats to Bagpipes

Although they might spend their days (and nights) in the studio making beats, IPR World Music students had a taste of the bagpipes recently, taking a field trip to the Minnesota History Center to see a Scottish Céilidh group, the Dick Hensold Band.

Instructor Rich Manik brought his class to St. Paul for the performance, a part of the History Center’s Nine Nights of Music series, which celebrates the multicultural sights and sounds of the state. The class will also return to the series in a few weeks to hear a sampling of Ukrainian music from a local group, the Ukrainian Village Band.

As a part of the field trips, students create field journals that describe the soundscape of the performance and interact with the performers. It’s a perfect way to incorporate learning objectives, such as analyzing global elements in popular music, of the popular elective class into a hands-on experience.

Many IPR classes, like Manik’s World Music class, follow an applied-learning approach by turning textbook concepts into real, live experiences and projects for students. Students agree it leads to better understanding of the material as well as more engagement and interest in the topic. Plus, what better way to spend a gorgeous summer night than taking in an outdoor concert?



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