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Blogging with the Experts: Kevin Bowe

What do you think of online music services?

I think it kind of doesn’t matter what I think about online music services; they’re here to stay and people who sell music have to learn to deal with them. Personally I like using them.  I find it very convenient and I’m a very busy person, so I love having the iTunes store ready for me and open all night. I pretty much agree with the Lefsetz newsletter (google it and subscribe if you’re in the music business whether you agree with him or not it’s imperative) in that subscription is the future just like cable TV. Let me pay once a month and take all I want.

But artists have to remember, just because you’re music is on iTunes doesn’t mean anyone will buy it, even if it’s good. You have to get people to hear it by making it easy for them to get, wherever you can.

Kevin Duluth

Alison Scott and I recently pressed 2500 sampler CD’s and distributed them to every car that showed up at likeminded artists’ shows at the MN Zoo (Brandi Carlisle, Grace Potter, etc.). People loved them because we targeted the right audience; we got tons of Facebook messages and emails, new fans. So the next step is trying to “funnel” those people to iTunes to buy more of her music.



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