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Blogging with the Experts: Kevin Bowe

Stop Your Time Wastin!

One thing to remember about turning 18….. there’s no such thing as summer vacation anymore. After high school it’s just another 3 months of life and either you’re working hard to get where you want to be in an unbelievably competitive industry or you’re wasting your time. Either one is fine with me because I know exactly what I’m doing: Touring with Alison Scott and Freedy Johnston, working on my own album and 3 others for clients! I barely have time to tie my shoes, so I’m very sympathetic with Steve Price’s fairly recent and very strict “no shoes with laces” policy.

Kevin Duluth

  (photo is taken by my wife Ruth at Grandma’s Marathon 6/18/11, playing with Alison Scott. Peter Anderson on drums, James Tyler O’Neill on keys)

My advice, which is worth every penny I charge for it, is to take every day for what it’s worth and what you can get out of it. I’ve EARNED every bit of my pasty white “studio tan” and I’m proud of it. It took me forever to GET this job and I’m going to make the most out of it every day. Maybe in my next life I’ll be a beach bum but for now, I’m playing every gig I can, and on the way to the gigs (sometimes a 6-8 hour drive) I’m editing on my lap top with noise canceling headphones. I’ve seen the view from 35W through Iowa many times and I don’t feel I’m missing a thing. The rest of the time I’m tracking in Mastermix or working in my home studio.

So come in to IPR and book time! Get to gettin’ and make something great! Mix something amazing, write something cool! So when people tell you all about their drunken fishing trips and ask you what you did last summer you can say “I did THIS” and play them a piece of music that will blow their mind.



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