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Another "Show Up to Show Off" Success

By Roslyn Heinemann, music and entertainment business program student

Going on its second quarter in a row, the Student Advisory Board’s (SAB) Show Up to Show Off Showcase was a huge success! Created to give students the chance let loose and show off their skills on stage, this time around the event held a deeper meaning. Held in honor of Athanasios “Tom” Frentzos, a longtime member of the IPR lab staff who passed away in September, the event was a both celebration of Tom’s life and a fundraiser for a memorial in his name.

Because Tom loved creating music — especially guitar pedals and synthesizers — and because his life touched just about everyone here at IPR, the SAB began a fund to purchase a Slim Phatty Moog Synthesizer in his name for the IPR lab office. In this way, the tremendous amount of time Tom spent helping students and faculty and share his love and passion for music will continue.

Eighteen students performed at the celebration, showcasing the wide range of IPR talents, from a Latin Christmas carol to spoken word poetry to hip-hop to Frank Sinatra. And beyond the performers, this truly was an all-student production: students Tyler Able, Michael Bush and Matt Gretlein ran lights and sound, Ben Thorson photographed the event, and Gayle Fenton even provided the lasagna, salad and garlic bread for the event through her catering company, Mama’s Kitchen.

Of course, none of it would have happened without the hard work of the SAB: Roslyn Heinemann, Michael Bush, Tyler Able, Wendy Hoskin, Ryan McCready, Dylan Peiffer, Riley Kragness, Danny Williams, Ben Thorson and Ellis Burrell.

The whole event was an incredibly enjoyable experience for everyone who attended. Students laughed with one another, entertained each other and honored the memory of Tom Frentzos. Thank you to all of the performers, thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this event a huge success and thank you to everyone who showed up and donated for this great cause.



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