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Adam Levy's DIY 360 Featuring Enormous Beast

By Erin Finnegan

Friday, August 26, 2011 – Indie-rock group Enormous Beast joined The Institute of Production and Recording for the fourth week of DIY-360. Beginning with one hell of a head banging number, IPR alumni Rob Heldin (guitar) and band mate Connor Mack (vocals/drums) blew the roof off of Robinson Hall.

Rob and Connor told their background story: how their influences make up their powerful rock sound, and where they hope this musical adventure will take them. They even revealed they’ve been friends since elementary school, but it wasn’t until they worked together years later that they realized their musical sensibilities were a perfect Match.

Enormous Beast

“One night we were just talking about music and decided forming a band together would be cool. So after work that night we sat in the basement for over an hour, just jamming away and coming up with tunes” stated Heldin. “Our writing process hasn’t changed since then” confessed Mack. “We both play guitar so when we write, we both mess around on those until finding something we like.”

If you’ve never been to an Enormous Beast show, be cautioned; these guys are loud! After an ear searing rendition of their song “Avalanche”, DIY 360 host, Adam Levy, questioned, “How could your music possibly get any louder?” Mack laughed as he commented, “We’re not actually as loud as we want so we keep playing louder and louder, hoping to reach that point.”  Mack continued, “We want to be as ferocious as two guys can be without losing the sound. However, we want our music to be danceable as well. Handclaps, shakers and tambourines aren’t off limits.”

With common influences ranging from The Black Keys to Led Zeppelin, it’s no surprise they’ve taken the name Enormous Beast .  Their music is riff based with giant drums and no bass guitar. Their band model is reminiscent of The White Stripes (another 2 piece), and it’s obvious they’re fans of heavy rock and blues guitar, but they have a sound that is unique to them.

With wide eyes and eager faces, the two admitted touring was something they definitely want to do. Although neither has ever toured before, it’s on their radar for the future.  “When it comes to booking, we are capable of doing that ourselves. We don’t want anyone to be in charge of where we tour, but at the end of the day, neither of us know enough to go alone.”

Enormous Beast certainly left a strong impression on Robinson Hall. With an unforgettable sound, and a deep passion for their music, Enormous Beast should keep their audience engaged for years to come.




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