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IPR Students Bring Their Passion to the Community

By Aneesa Adams

At IPR, students learn not only about production, engineering and the entertainment business, they’re also learning about the importance of community.  This quarter a group of IPR students decided to share their knowledge of audio production with the surrounding community.

The students pooled their resources to gather different instruments and a computer to bring to The Waite House, a local after-school program for children. With their equipment, the students ran a session on the spot and presented to the kids what they had learned so far at IPR. This showed the children that you don’t need access to a professional studio or even music theory knowledge to start creating your own music.

The presentation was informed and effective, but most importantly, it was a lot of fun! In fact, student Julius Williams has made arrangements with the charity to continue volunteering there after class has ended.

The next step was to bring some of the kids to IPR and showcase our amazing facilities. This part of the presentation was extremely effective because we were able to talk about some of the finer points of audio production while keeping the attention by using the various instruments and microphones in the demonstration. The kids really enjoyed playing the instruments and turning the knobs on the board, but I think ultimately it lit a fire inside them that a career in music is a possibility for them.



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