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IPR Means Hands-On Learning

Spending other people’s money is always so much fun. And this is just what students in IPR’s Marketing and Branding Strategies class did last quarter as an applied learning project.

Working with a new, nonprofit organization called CycleHealth, the students put together a brand expansion plan to help the charity grow. They were given a budget of $50,000 and a timeline of six months.

“It’s nice because it’s a real-world project,” Kevin Neilson, IPR student, said. “It’s an actual business saying, here’s our money.”

“And it’s a good cause,” Kelsey Geiger, IPR student said. “We want to help them.”

Instructor Scott Nelson found the project through the marketing agency d.Trio, who asked for the class’s input. “What these students think is important because it will be a different perspective than what they get elsewhere,” Nelson said.

Nelson explained that the students need to back up their brand expansion plan with research and have solid information to support why they recommend CycleHealth spend money in a certain way. They also need to be able to deliver a strong presentation, pitching their ideas.

“It’s all about the pitch,” Nelson said. “In the music and entertainment business, you have to learn how to pitch or you’re not going to make money.”



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