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Louis Byrd – IPR Graduate Success Story

I met Louis Byrd while I was a member of the IPR Admissions team; I would always run into him as I introduced forthcoming IPR students to our studio facilities.  He lived by the idea that his time at IPR would be short, and that it was absolutely paramount that he use every minute of time he had here to make the most of his education.

I respected Louis’ work ethic so much that I began to seek him out on tours; he gave a “no holds barred” review and Q & A to any parent or student who had questions, and he was always working his best material to make it better. Through Louis, parents and students would consistently catch a glimpse of the real deal. It’s hard to ignore somebody with so much creative passion for his craft.

It’s clear from Louis’ graduate success story that he is deliberately expanding his skillset daily. And this is what it takes to make something of oneself in the audio world: hard work, a willingness to adapt, and the ability to research and learn when the classroom is no longer an option. Louis gets all this and more.

His positivity and hard work impacted and impressed me from the moment I met him, and Louis’ story below continues to emphasize the discipline and consistency through which he is making his way in this crazy, competitive, industry. I hope you find his story inspiring.

Christian Groves



Louis Byrd was born and raised in Kansas City, MO.  Byrd, what most people call him, has always been into art and creating things; music, specifically, has always been his passion. Byrd attended Visual performing arts schools from elementary through high school.

Byrd attended the University of Missouri- Columbia, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Math.  While in college he consistently pursued music and honed his production and songwriting skills. Upon graduating from MU, Byrd decided to attend the Institute of Production and Recording and pursue his lifelong passion of music.

Since graduating IPR, in the winter of 2010, Byrd ventured out to start his own company: The Nest: Multimedia Super-Vision.  Within a short 7 month span Byrd’s company has worked with clientele from Audi, Tomorrows Business Leaders, North Carolina’s Triangle Transit, Dream Studio, LLC, The AZCJ Foundation, and local clientele from Kansas City including artists and small businesses. Byrd has worked in both graphic design and video production, and in licensing original music compositions.

Byrd’s personal goal for 2012 is to continue building on his current success with The Nest: MS; he expects to establish a team of multi-media professionals, and to continue to create cool and unique content.

What would IPR students and instructors say they remember about you?

I was always in the studios!!! I believe that’s what they will remember.  No matter what time it was, outside class, I was always rocking out in one of those studios! LOL

Were there any big projects you undertook in your production or engineering capstone that laid the ground work for some of the things you’re doing now?

Hmmm… I would have to say it was my final capstone with “the man”: Kevin Bowe! Kevin is all things awesome, and I learned so much about the psychological warfare that takes place in the studio setting when working with artist.  I also learned the importance of budgeting and time management. Now that I am running my own business the tips he taught really come in handy!

Out of all your instructors who would you say worked most closely with you and had a special interest in your success?

That’s a really tough one for me!  This is hard cause everyone was cool in their own way, but if I had to be picky… it was Kevin Bowe.  The way that we think about production and song writing it’s as if we are kindred spirits LOL! I think he felt the same way LOL! But in all seriousness, K. Bowe was always there with some good advice about the biz and was willing to lend a hand when he could!

How do you feel your IPR education prepared you for the industry?

I think my experience in general at IPR prepared me for the industry. Before I started at IPR my only focus was on music: working with artists and getting my songs out there.  Granted, this is still a focal point in my life, but IPR opened my eyes to other avenues to make a living being a creative.  Things such as post production, graphic design, video production, and licensing were not on my mind pre IPR…now that’s pretty much all I think about! IPR changed my mindset as far as goals for myself.

Also having access to super expensive  equipment and facilities taught me a lot as well.  I feel confident that I can waltz in any studio and create some beautiful madness!

What types of things did you have to wait for industry experience to learn?

Hmmm… dealing with actual companies.  I learned that working with business entities is often more difficult and more disorganized than working with individual clients LOL! So, I’m learning to deal with confused business cleints that honestly don’t know what they want, but know they want something “cool” and “different”, and at the same time they want it to look like Joe Shmoe’s from up the street. It’s a little difficult at times…but I’m learning the rules of the game.

What do you think it means to be successful in this industry? What advice would you offer to students who are either just getting ready to graduate or who are wondering how to find their place in this industry?

Success to me means always putting your best foot forward and striving for more! You have to define your own sense of success and you can’t measure yourself against another person’s success! With that being said, my advice to new graduates or just anybody in general is to find your purpose. Find out what makes you happy and JUST DO IT! Planning is great, having ideas is great as well, but if you don’t execute your plans and ideas they mean absolutely nothing!


If you start your journey from the heart, everything else will fall into place. The thing is you just have to DO!

What types of engineering work have you done?

Engineering work…  I have worked on recording music with friends, voice over mixing, and I have fixed a buddy of mine’s studio monitor (poor M-Audio…sorry I’m biased).  But, I am, by far, a better producer than an engineer! Editor’s Note: since Louis is also a  trained Electrical Engineer, his definition is going to include electrical repair work as well.

Do you have experience with audio and video editing?

Yes. Audio and video editing have become my jewels! Audio for video is I pretty much all I do now! Video work is starting to really pick up; it seems that multimedia is becoming a common source of entertainment.

How important do you think attitude is when it comes to success in the audio world?

Simple…attitude is everything!

Of course when working in a people centric field such as Audio…you have to have a way to work with people.  Humility is key! Respect is a big one for me! And confidence is very important…but being cocky is not sexy! You have to have the right attitude to be able to lead, follow, compromise, and execute a project.

What one trait/ability/skill do you feel has helped you more than any other to be successful in this industry so far?

As of right now I would say it’s my ability to think strategically! I am fortunate to be one of those people that can truly utilize both sides of my brain… I’m very creative yet, at the same time, I’m also very logical and analytical.

A lot of artist are scattered brained… shoot, I would say a lot of people in general are LOL! So to be able to look at the big picture and break it down to a point wear things can get accomplished is great! This has been able to help me help others!

What are you doing now?

I have started my own multimedia company called The Nest: multimedia Super-Vision, which is a combination of two companies: 1) Compliment Productions, which does all the fun creative stuff such as music, graphic design, video work, and consulting, and 2) HummingByrd Creative Gear, which handles the nerdy electronics stuff such as designing audio gear and doing maintenance.

My goal is to become a Multimedia powerhouse… a one stop shop so to speak. The Nest: MS is still in the process of becoming that powerhouse, but in the past 7 months I have been blessed with several great opportunities.  If interested in learning more get at me!!!! 😀


Twitter: @Byrdflew


Posted By Christian Groves