Legendary Engineer / Producer visited IPR!!

IPR hosted a very special guest last Monday. On behalf of the leading plug-in manufacturer Waves, Inc. and their “Waves Masters on Tour” program, legendary audio engineer and producer Andrew Scheps spent a day at IPR working with students in studios, shared his vision about the future of the music industry on a panel, and demonstrated in a public event amazing production techniques. Andrew has production and engineering credits with world acts such as U2, Metallica, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Jackson and Barry Manilow just to name a few.
Andrew spent the morning in Master Mix Studio and worked with Kevin Bowe’s senior production class on drum mixing techniques. Later in the afternoon, he was a special guest on the “Real World Music Opportunities – Panel Discussion”, hosted by Scott Legere. Other panel members were Steve Hodge, Eric Olson, and Kevin Bowe. Every seat was filled when the panel discussed their way into the music industry, obstacles, successes, and gave insights into their careers. At 7:00pm, Andrew conducted his main presentation in Robinson Hall which was open to the public. He opened his bag of tricks and in great detail showed how to create a professional mix like a Red Hot Chili Peppers track. Over 100 attendees filled the room including local studio owners and IPR alumni.
Andrew Scheps, accompanied by Scott Simon from Waves, Inc. left IPR highly impressed and indicated that they would like to come back in the future. It was a great day for IPR, our students and alumni!