IPR Graduate Says Education Jump-Started His Career

Nick Leisenheimer graduated from the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) in 2009 and is now a freelance audio production engineer who works on sound for films. He is currently in charge of the production sound department for Studio Luma.

“The whole reason that really I’m here today, I think, is because my passion is music – always has been,” says Nick. “That was the reason that I found out about IPR. That was the reason that drove me to go there.”

Nick initially thought he would just be doing music production and engineering, but that changed when he found out about all the different opportunities he could pursue in sound and production through film and commercial work.

“I’ve created a career for myself that I thoroughly enjoy, and I still get to involve music within my life because I still retain all the music production aspects that I learned in the first half of my time at IPR,” he explains.

Nick still does a lot with music, writing and composing on his own. He now realizes that he also needed the education to back up his passion and natural skills.

“I’ve always thought I could totally do this on my own without going to school,” Nick says. “But the fact is that I wouldn’t have known anything about what I’m doing.”

Nick says that IPR is the perfect place for someone who is looking to start a career but doesn’t really have a knowledge of the tools, how to use them and how to go about entering the business.

“When I finished IPR I was super young,” he says. “I really had to hit the ground running, and I think it’s a great place to really jump-start your career.”

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