Graduate Success Stories – Nic Hentges at Audio Logic Systems

S.O.N.G.S. (Stories Of New Graduate Success) is a spotlight on the paths IPR students pursue after graduation and the success they find along the way…

As the Lead Production Technician for Audio Logic Systems Nic’s job description includes prepping audio, video, lighting, and rigging gear for productions as well as on site management of the shows he is involved with. In addition, Hentges may also be called upon to teach seminars, arrange for equipment rentals, handle repairs of speakers, microphones, and cables, and generally insure that each production lives up to Audio Logic’s high standards of quality control.

I was curious as to how Nic first became aware of the company and what circumstances might have lead up to being hired there.

“Once when I was 17 I was at church where we were having a new PA system installed and the company was there demoing it for us,” Hentges recalled. “It was during this time in my life that I had started to get interested in production work, so I thought I would go talk to the man who was conducting the demo. That man happened to be John Markiewicz, one of the owners of Audio Logic Systems. I told him a bit about myself and that I was looking in to going to school for audio. In return he gave me his card and told me that if I was interested in getting some real life experience to let him know. When I started at IPR I emailed John and he forwarded me on to the company Production Manager who took me on as an intern. I worked there (for free, I might add) for the next year and a few months before graduating. Through this relationship I started doing freelance work with ALS. After some time and doing some other traveling and gigs I was offered a full time position.”

When asked if he might have any words of wisdom to share with currently enrolled students, Nic spoke from experience and replied,

“Probably the most important advice I can give is that you absolutely need to figure out where in the industry you would like to head and go find an internship. Finding a job when you don’t know what you want to do and nobody knows who you are is pretty difficult.”

As a 2006 graduate from the Audio Production and Engineering program, Nic had “too many great memories from IPR to even try to narrow down…most of them involved spending all night in the studio and then getting up early to do it all over again!”

“I really enjoyed being taught and mentored by such great people such as JP Hunglemann, Steve Price, Billy Franklin, and many others who have helped me in so many ways. I am eternally grateful for the staff and faculty at IPR.”

“I really love every aspect of my job, from sweeping to teching festivals for thousands of people. The travel is great too! I once spent less than 6 hours in Denver: flew in, mixed a show, drove back to the airport, and flew home.. that was a trip!”

The Audio Logic team provides A/V production services to a wide variety of clients including touring and regional artists, convention planners, churches and theaters.


Whether it’s an event that needs production support, a new building or renovation that requires an A/V system, or simply recommending and purchasing equipment, Audio Logic Systems can assist…

Thanks to Nic Hentges for taking time to share his insight with our readers!