Graduate Spotlight: Dylan Schemenauer

Dylan Schemenauer is a graduate of IPR’s Sound Design for Visual Media program, and has gained valuable experience working in the world of audio. Find out what advice he has for those starting in the industry, and what he has learned since graduating in 2016.

IPR Sound Design for Visual Media Alum, Dylan Schemenauer
IPR Sound Design for Visual Media alum, Dylan Schemenauer
Where are you working at the moment? What is your job there? Can you explain what each duty entails?

 I actually have a few jobs. One being the Pablo Center at the Confluence as a stagehand. I help set up touring acts, audio setup, video setup and light setup. Really just beginning to learn everything about live production. It’s exciting!

I also record and mix music when I get a chance. If I can get a band/artist in to record, I track them over at Toy Car Studios. Toy Car is a recording studio I helped build right after college and I still get a chance to use the space, which is amazing! 

What are some key projects you have worked on so far?

I would say the biggest is helping out at the Pablo Center and helping out at Toy Car Studios. At Toy Car Studios I got the chance to sit in on a bunch of sessions and see how a recording studio is run. At the Pablo Center im getting a chance to see how everything with live production is set up.

Do you feel that your education at IPR helped you get to where you are? If so, how?

Yes. The teachers were great. Having a teacher that was also in the industry really helped get a feel for what it is actually like.

What specific things about your time at IPR did you enjoy most?

Mostly was meeting people. Some of the people I met at IPR are still friends to this day.

Which classes or teachers did you find most helpful for your career? Identify the classes or teachers and explain why.

Bob Jenkins was one of my favorite teachers. I had him in a class where it was me and one other guy. That allowed him to really teach us directly. He was a very knowledgeable person and continually told me to really continue to do this. He will be missed by many, he was a great soul.

What is the best advice that you have received from an instructor at IPR? What was it?

 Bob Jenkins telling me that I am more talented than I think and that I should really buckle down and start to learn this stuff.

Are there any new and upcoming things we should know about you or the facility you work at?

I’m always making music, you can check that stuff out on my SoundCloud. At the Pablo Center they are opening up a recording studio soon. In fact, I’m sitting in the studio right now writing this!

Were there any big projects you undertook in your production or engineering capstone that laid the groundwork for some of the things you’re doing now?

I would say everything. Most of the things that I said yes to doing, I really had no clue on how to do. But I just did it. If I failed, I learned and continued forward. Just doing things with music, and being open to every aspect of music production.

What do you think it means to be successful in this industry? What advice would you offer to students who are either just getting ready to graduate or who are wondering how to find their place in this industry? 

Showing up. Putting in hard work and having passion. You really shouldn’t get into this industry for the money. You should get into it because you love it. I love doing this for the unforgettable experiences I’ve had.

What advice would you offer to students who are either just getting ready to graduate or who are wondering how to be successful in this industry?

Offer to help out somewhere. Even if it’s for free. Put in good work and keep learning everyday.

Where do you imagine your career going in the future?

I honestly have no clue. Could go anywhere. I’m really just focused on trying to learn as much as possible.

Was there anything that you had to wait until you were out in the industry to learn—that couldn’t be taught?

How many times you will fail. So many times I’ve done things in this industry and they haven’t went as well as I would have hoped. But I just try to learn from it and try again. I’ve failed way more than I have succeeded.