Graduate Profile: Travis Norman at Reaction Now

S.O.N.G.S. (Stories Of New Graduate Success) is a spotlight on the paths IPR students pursue after graduation and the success they find along the way…

IPR: Hi Travis, thanks for joining us on the IPR Alumnus Blog!

TN: It is my pleasure; I take a lot of pride in my education from IPR and if my story can help to inspire a current student or someone considering attending, then I am more than happy to share it.

IPR: When did you graduate and from what program?

TN: I am a 2007 Valedictorian graduate from the Audio Production and Engineering program.

IPR:  How did you first discover IPR?

TN: I am fortunate enough to count multiple instructors here as friends of mine and a former band mate was a student at the time, so I was well aware of IPR’s level of quality.  I also had the opportunity to record here with a live Hip Hop and Drum n’ Bass group I was handling turntables and samplers for at the time – much respect to these 2nd quarter students, but they ended up miking our vocalist in the hallway (tip for newbies: this gives awful results, lol).  I had been teaching myself production and engineering for almost a decade, and decided I wanted to refine my technique and learn new skills.  *assumes voice of The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy…Best. Decision. Ever.

IPR: What were some of the highlights of your time at IPR as a student?

TN: Oh man, there are literally too many to count – I was most grateful though for the amount of other students really taking their education seriously, just being in proximity to so much talent pushed me to challenge myself more than I ever had before.  I guess a favorite was the whole Pro Tools experience, getting double certified by Digidesign in both music and post production and taking the ICON class twice…I was SO close to that ICON certification…I’ll never end up getting it though because my whole musical world now revolves around Ableton!!!

IPR: So what are are you up to these days?

TN: Well, it is an intruiging time for me right now, one filled with change and a reexamination of my priorities.  I have recently dedicated myself to growing my first true entrepreneurial venture!  I am taking some words from Andrew Carnegie to heart:

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”

IPR: I like that, so what will this new company be about?

TN: Reaction Now is a consultancy offering customized Social Media strategy, optimization, and maintenance.  We will provide support to businesses looking to integrate social media and web 2.0 tactics into existing public relations, customer service, and internet marketing efforts.

IPR: It seems like a lot of businesses are realizing they need to step up their efforts in these areas.

TN: There is absolutely a growing awareness amongst business owners of the need to participate in social media channels as a way to connect with existing and potential demographics, add to that the fast pace of progress and emerging capabilities within fields related to internet marketing, and you have a definite demand for services that can help to make the most of these new opportunites.

IPR:  And there is potential for an organization to go about it a way that can backfire, right?  Like if people can tell it is just a push to sell something they might tune out, or even think less of that organization.

TN: So true.  In fact, an overwhelming 86% of companies will increase their budgets for Social Media this year.  Many of them will nonetheless continue to miss opportunities and never utilize the full potential of these channels.  Success in Social Media requires the applied science of optimization and the art of authentic engagement, coupled with accurate insight into the demographics being reached.  Our goal at Reaction Now is simple: To keep all aspects of a brand’s representation consistent with the behaviors and expectations of their customers, and to maximize both return on investment and “return on involvement.”

IPR: Very cool, we wish you the best of luck!

TN: Thanks, it is gratifying to just be taking the first steps, and things are actually progressing faster than I would have imagined.  Actually we may soon be so busy that bringing on some motivated and clued up interns could well be in the cards…any IPR students whose ears perked up at this should feel free to reach out to me at

IPR: Sounds like valuable experience for our business minded students…

TN: For sure, although really, just about every skill taught here will come into play with this venture…we will be creating a lot of promotional video and other content…and of, course it all needs to look and sound as polished as possible.

IPR: Do you still find time for music?

TN: Oh yeah, right now I am so excited about my current project, complicit – we are preparing for our debut show in the VIP room at First Avenue!

IPR: Sounds great, hope you have an awesome turnout.  Thanks again for contributing your enthusiasm to these pages.

TN: Anytime, and here is another quote that has motivated me and will perhaps do the same for your readers:

“Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world. It beats money and power and influence. It is no more or less than faith in action.”
– Henry Chester