Alumni Spotlight: Connor Schwefel

Meet Connor Schwefel, a March 2019 graduate from IPR’s Digital Video & Media Production Bachelor of Fine Arts program. When asked why Connor chose IPR he said, “I chose IPR because I knew going to a traditional university would not work for my  style of learning.” He likes making movies and had a YouTube channel in middle school. Connor said, “Even though the videos were absolutely awful, I had a blast making them.”

IPR Digital Video & Media Production graduate Connor Schwefel
IPR Digital Video & Media Production graduate Connor Schwefel

When asked what he liked best about the program, Connor stated,  “It was getting to check out the equipment whenever he wanted and to be able to use them on gigs. The most exciting project(s) to work on were the student films. They are the most fun and they turn out great in the end… (usually).” I asked Connor what advice he would give to someone starting at IPR and/or starting in the Digital Video & Media Production program and he said, “Turn your assignments in. Some assignments seem pointless but getting in the habit of meeting deadlines will save you in the end.”

Working at KSTP

A family friend introduced Connor to the Head of Promotions of KSTP where he got a new job as an Editor. His valuable work experience from WCCO helped him get hired in his new position. When I asked him how IPR played a role in getting him his new job he said, “IPR did a phenomenal job of giving me the skills I need to keep my job long-term. A great job isn’t great if you only last a month.”

Want to Learn More?

Connor’s story is an inspiring example of the possibilities in the creative arts. Want to create your own success story? Contact us for more information on on IPR’s programs in Audio Production & EngineeringDigital Video and Media ProductionLive Sound & Show Production and Sound Design for Visual Media.