Congratulations, IPR Winter 2014 Graduates

IPR Hosts Winter 2014 Commencement at the Southern Theater

IPR 2014 Commencement Ceremony

IPR Winter 2014 CommencementIPR Winter 2014 CommencementIPR Winter 2014 CommencementIPR Winter 2014 Commencement

We’d like to take a moment and congratulate all of the new IPR alumnus who took the stage this Sunday at the Southern Theater to accept their degrees. It was an honor to host, once again, such an amazing group of future music and entertainment professionals and welcome you into the professional community. Thank you also to the parents, family and friends who attended — your support has been a key element to the success of these graduates. Thank you also to host, Scooter Nelson, speaker and alumnus, Bryan Mengy, and to our Career Services staff, Sandra Robinson and Breanna Lewis, for putting the event together.

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  • Allen, Taylor  J
  • Bakke, Robin  L
  • Berkebile, Brittany  E
  • Boehler, Ryan
  • Brandt, Aaron  M
  • Brekken, Marcus  J
  • Callen, Stephen  B
  • Chermak, Roberta  M
  • Comstock, Christopher
  • Ellis, Charles  R
  • Estes, Jennifer  M
  • Freeborn, Joseph  E
  • Guertin, Matthew  D
  • Hamborg, Casey  A
  • Harold, Steven  J
  • Hattam, Justin
  • Hurley, Brock  E
  • Iverson, Tera  L
  • Kavanagh, Weslee
  • Lund, William  J
  • Natysin, John Paul  T
  • O’Brien, Kellen  P
  • Pangburn, Zachary  I
  • Petersen, Andrew  R
  • Peterson, Daniel  A
  • Peterson, Matthew  A
  • Pinter, Roman  D
  • Presnell, Addison
  • Price, Lucas  M
  • Richey, Stephen  G
  • Tsang, Christopher
  • Weller, Jordan  F
  • White, Christie  L
  • Yeakey, Jordan  F