Complicit Studios Open for Audio Production Services

Audio production and live performance are a huge part of former IPR family members’ Tanya and Travis Norman’s daily lives. Also known as electronic artists Complicit, Tanya and Travis recently made the decision to pursue their passion fulltime and make the move to their very own studio space. They not only have more time to create their own great sounding music, but Complicit can also offer clients a prodigious studio getaway, a great vibe, and lodging to complete the package.

Several of you have been interested in what’s happening with these guys, so Tanya emailed a quick update to communications home base (A.K.A IPR cubicle land) and I wanted to share it with the IPR Newswire.

Here’s what she had to say…

Complicit Studio 1 RS
Complicity Studio close up.

The Complicit Story

Complicit is an exploration of modern techno started by local dance floor enthusiasts Tanya and Travis Norman in October 2009.  Built upon a foundation of their shared passion for electronic music and the culture around it, their music is produced and performed by using 2 AKAI APC40’s linked to a single Mac Book Pro.

Travis began as a DJ spinning records and quickly grew a love for the electronic music scene. A regular at late 90’s Minneapolis parties, he performed under his drum & bass moniker, ‘DJ Play’.  In later years he went on to produce instrumental trip hop as ‘Wordclockculminating in his first solo album ‘No one from now on’.  On the side he worked at various music stores, obtaining as much knowledge (and gear) as possible.  He graduated Valedictorian in 2008 from IPR with an emphasis in audio post production.  Currently, he runs his own social web development and design business, ReactionNow, which focuses on helping independent musicians make the most of the new music economy.

Tanya started playing piano at the age of 5 and flute at the age of 10, and is currently working on incorporating this aspect into her live performances.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music with a Business emphasis in 1998 and also obtained a diploma in Recording Engineering.  Initially working as a freelance studio engineer and music retail manager, Tanya then obtained a position in Admissions with IPR in the Fall of 2002. After 9 years of service with IPR, she has since resigned to focus on Complicit full time.

This is where the story gets interesting.

Complicit Studio 2 RS
Complicit Studio, another angle.

To focus on their music project full time, they both wanted it done the right way- with no distractions.  They own a condo in Minneapolis, but spend their time in a former photography studio, now their recording studio, which is located in a rural part of Wisconsin. Their studio space is fully equipped with a bedroom, kitchen, living room, control room and a machine room.  In addition, they also have a guest house for visiting artists seeking a production get-away.  Having the studio away from the hustle and bustle of the city allows them to be creative and crank the music loud.

To add some more color to this story, Complicit travels old school style in a high-top conversion tour van to all of their performances.  They have a passion for travel and being in control of their adventures.

The duo released their debut EP, romantec, and a full length LP, after hours, independently through their own website,  In December of 2011, JQM Recordings (Just Quality Music) released Edge of the Earth, a 3 track EP available exclusively at Currently Complicit is working with multiple record labels on remix projects. They are looking forward to some international performances this year in Cozumel, Mexico and Vancouver, Canada.

You can learn more about Complicit by visiting website or their fan page on Facebook or Resident Advisor.  They make interesting use of their Twitter feed by aggregating articles, interviews and production tips related to electronic music and tweeting the most interesting each day.  Follow them at