Alumnus Says IPR Was a ‘Game Changer’ for His Career

Bryan Mengy owns a successful recording studio in Northeast Minneapolis called Northwood Studio, which he says has been completely slammed since opening in 2012. A lot of that is due to his experience at the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR).

“I met a ton of people that I still work with now,” he explains. “I think the most valuable part of the school was not only to learn my technical skills and to learn the knowledge of my field, but mainly to connect with people and network with a branch of people that are in the music industry every single day.”

Along with owning his own recording studio, Bryan works with musicians every day, making records, doing live sound, touring, and working as a drum and guitar tech. Bryan says the hands-on experience at IPR helped him kick-start his career.

“All the different courses I took throughout my whole college degree have really prepared me to be completely versatile. I learned everything from cable wrapping [to] cable sauntering, all the way up to how to mix and master records,” explains Bryan. “I’ve really found my niche.”

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